Pitney Bowes and DocuConsulting Partner to Create Richer Document Solutions for Customer Engagement

New Fast Path to Engagement Program Helps Clients Migrate Off Legacy Systems

STAMFORD, Conn., June 25, 2014 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) today announced a new partnership with DocuConsulting, a consulting firm that specializes in document publishing and automation. Together, the two companies will provide the most comprehensive document generation solutions that simplify the often tangled process of policy creation and delivery.

For many insurance companies, upgrading their technology is essential to their business to better service customers and meet compliance standards and regulations. As insurance companies modernize their core systems, there is a significant opportunity to deepen engagement levels as today’s technology-driven consumers are looking for real-time and digital access to their policies.

Insurers need modern technologies - systems of engagement - integrated into their systems of record to allow them to build stronger, richer relationships with their customers and promote long-term loyalty.

“Insurance firms, especially those in North America, are facing new challenges as they seek to reduce costs, better serve their policy-holders and modernize their core systems. At DocuConsulting, we are pleased to work with a company that offers such a rich set of capabilities,” stated Richard Lee, Managing Partner of DocuConsulting. “In Pitney Bowes, we find a company that shares a compelling vision for the insurance industry in terms of operational excellence and customer focus.”

A Fast Path to Engagement

Customer communications of every kind are a critical consideration for better engagement. For many insurers, inflexible policy production solutions are an inhibitor. Outdated systems expose insurers to a host of risks, including lengthened time to market, increased cost of deployment, and increased customer churn, to name a few.

“The creation and delivery of personalized customer documents play an important role in influencing the customer experience. In order to engage customers and improve their experience, insurers need a modern document generation platform,” said Mark Breading, Partner, Strategy Meets Action.

To help clients modernize their document generation systems, Pitney Bowes is announcing “Fast Path to Engagement,” a holistic program that enables insurers to modernize their customer communication capabilities by moving off legacy systems with a step by step approach. Through this program, a new conversion utility will be introduced that will extract legacy data, forms and content, quickly and safely transforming it into a format that can be leveraged by Pitney Bowes’ EngageOne® Communication Suite by the end of the year. To start, DocuConsulting will help clients migrate off of old or unsupported document generation solutions. Then, the program will address other legacy systems and new migration utility tools will extend to other solutions.

Pitney Bowes offers integrated software capabilities including data management, analytics and customer engagement, including document generation, to help drive more interaction and deeper relationships. The company’s software helps enable digital delivery to reduce costs. In addition, it helps insurers better communicate with their policy holders across all channels, integrating every touch point, creating a richer customer experience that builds customer trust and loyalty. Working in partnership with DocuConsulting, Pitney Bowes can leverage the firm’s expertise in implementing and migrating critical applications such as policy production, correspondence, statements, claims documents and more onto modern platforms.

Greg Van den Heuvel, Senior Vice President, Customer Engagement Solutions, explains, “Upon our first meeting with DocuConsulting, we saw the value of partnering with this innovative firm. They bring expertise and insight that will greatly benefit our insurance clients at a time when legacy systems have become a critical business issue. This is just the kind of partnership that addresses this issue by delivering enhanced document capabilities and significant operational efficiencies while minimizing risk.”

About Pitney Bowes

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About DocuConsulting

DocuConsulting is a premier professional services firm in CCM (Customer Communications Management). We specialize in document publishing, automation and EDMS (Electronic Document Management Solutions) solutions. With experience implementing thousands of projects for hundreds of large to medium sized companies in the Insurance, Utility and the Financial Services industries, DocuConsulting and its team of top consultants set the standard. For more information, visit: www.docuconsulting.com