Pitney Bowes Announces Winners of 2015 Brilliant Communication Awards at Annual Global Client Summit

STAMFORD, Conn., June 11, 2015 - Pitney Bowes (NYSE:PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, today announced the winners of its 2015 Brilliant Communication Awards. The annual awards honor leading print and mail organizations from around the world – innovators, early adopters and creative problem solvers – who are finding new ways to streamline workflow, market precisely, and integrate physical and digital solutions to obtain the greatest value from their customer communications.

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The 2015 Brilliant Communication Award recipients include CFH Docmail, CSG International, Logistic-Mail-Factory, New Zealand Post, and Wilen Group. Each honoree was formally recognized during the Piney Bowes Global Client Summit, June 3-11 at the Pitney Bowes Global Technology Center in Danbury, CT.

“From New Zealand to New York, this year’s Brilliant Communication Award winners are leveraging the latest innovations in hardware, software and data analytics to be more precise, more accurate, and more effective in everything they do,” said Debbie Pfeiffer, president, Pitney Bowes Presort Services. “This year’s honorees include a US company who is leveraging robotics – not unlike the robotics used in car manufacturing – to automate the distribution and tracking of mail, and a German private post who is leveraging Pitney Bowes’ latest innovations in location intelligence to reroute its carriers in the most efficient way possible.”

2015 Brilliant Communication Award Winners

CFH Docmail, Radstock, UK

CFH Docmail has found a niche market among small businesses and is increasing its personalization services using a Pitney Bowes Mailstream Productivity Series high-volume inserting system with Print+ Messenger™ and Print+ Response™. Leveraging the full capabilities of Print+ Messenger, CFH is able to print full-color individualized marketing messages directly on the outside of envelopes. By linking to its proprietary Docmail system, CFH is giving small mailers many of the same capabilities as their larger competitors.

CSG International, Englewood, CO, USA

CSG International is one of the world’s largest and most established business support solutions providers primarily serving the communications industry. By embracing technology and the latest innovations in mail finishing equipment, CSG is producing – and presorting – more than 800 million transactional statements per year while meeting the highest standards of integrity, accuracy and precision. CSG is leveraging high speed insertion equipment from Pitney Bowes and has implemented file-based processing across its insertion fleet.

CSG has mastered workflow automation and recently integrated the kind of robotics typically associated with car manufacturing to reduce processing time for directing and palletizing mail destined to the USPS® or Pitney Bowes Presort Services. CSG’s relationship with Pitney Bowes extends beyond the production environment to the utilization of Pitney Bowes location intelligence as part of their innovative Workforce Express offering to more effectively route customer service representatives for some of the country’s largest cable and satellite TV providers.

Logistic-Mail-Factory, Augsburg, Germany

Logistic-Mail-Factory (LMF) is part of the private-post network in Germany. LMF produces more than 40 million mail pieces each year and is reducing labor and operational costs while growing its business using a fleet of Pitney Bowes sorters, including a new Vantage™ Sorter System, as well as Pitney Bowes location intelligence software. LMF has pioneered and is perfecting what is called, “sequence sorting.” This unique solution allows LMF to simplify and optimize the sorting process by assigning a unique tracking number to each mailpiece – similar to an Intelligent Mail Bar Code – that includes information tied to a more precise geolocation to reroute carriers more efficiently. By moving from a manual sorting solution to an automated one, LMF can sort to sequence 70% faster. The company is reinvesting those savings to expand its business and hopes to double its mail volumes in the coming years.

New Zealand Post, Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand Post was the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to fully embrace the Pitney Bowes White Paper Factory utilizing two IntelliJet® 20 Printing Systems and Print+ Messenger to print personalized, relevant, full-color marketing messages directly on the envelopes of transactional mailpieces. Coupled with their successful implementation of file-based integrity across print, mail and hand-line, the New Zealand Post White Paper Factory is setting a standard for global posts who want to deliver new production print and mail solutions in order to expand relationships with existing customers and attract new business.

Wilen Group, Farmingdale, NY, USA

Wilen Group is a leading-edge innovator in digital and variable data imaging, personalized direct marketing, and advanced mail strategies and technologies. Wilen is differentiating itself by harnessing the power of data and, like New Zealand Post, is using Pitney Bowes’ Print+ Messenger Color Inkjet System to enhance the value of mail by printing targeted full-color marketing messages directly on the outside of envelopes during high-speed mail finishing. Wilen continues to exceed its customers’ expectations for delivering relevant, cost-effective mailings that generate significantly higher open and response rates.

“Our Brilliant Communicators are achieving real business results by integrating physical and digital technologies to optimize productivity and achieve operational excellence. And they are delivering greater value to their customers by integrating physical and digital communications into more personalized, more engaging omnichannel campaigns,” said Debbie Pfeiffer. “We are pleased to honor these clients, whose examples are helping drive our industry forward by demonstrating what it means to be a world class customer communications provider.”

The 2015 Brilliant Communication Awards were presented at the Pitney Bowes Global Client Summit at the Pitney Bowes Global Technology Center in Danbury, CT. More than 125 clients and partners from more than 15 countries attended the Summit from June 3 – June 11.

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