Pitney Bowes Releases Cloud-based Inbound Package Tracking Software for Small and Medium Businesses

New SaaS solution enables users to automatically track and process inbound parcels

STAMFORD, Conn., September 30, 2015 - Pitney Bowes (NYSE:PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, today announced the launch of SendSuite Tracking Online. The new Cloud-based solution is designed to streamline the receiving and tracking process—from inbound to lost parcels--while simultaneously updating parcel recipients and enabling mailrooms to report performance against targets. SendSuite Tracking Online, which is designed for small and medium businesses, is available in 12 countries across North America, Europe and Asia.

Primarily for businesses processing 15 or more accountable mail parcels per day, SendSuite Tracking Online can save business operations hours of valuable resource time, allowing staff to increase productivity levels, eliminate manual parcel recording, and reduce time spent searching for requested items and notifying recipients of the items received. Additionally, SendSuite Tracking Online eliminates the use of log books and spreadsheets thus reducing the occurrences of human error through manual recording and can provide precise accountability and chain of custody for accountable items from sender to receiver, making it easier to locate misplaced or lost packages. SendSuite Tracking Online also offers quick access to package status and KPI information directly on its homepage through informative dashboards.

SendSuite Tracking Online ensures businesses always know the location and status of inbound parcels by offering a complete, cloud-based parcel tracking solution. The software streamlines the management of inbound parcels by recording the details of each parcel, such as date, time, carrier, sender and intended recipient, with the quick and simple scan of a single barcode on the item’s shipping label.

Today, clients across many industries, including Legal, Higher Education and Healthcare, have begun using Pitney Bowes SendSuite Tracking Online to enhance their tracking operations. During a recent Beta test, users found that SendSuite Tracking Online simplified their inbound tracking processes:

  • “We’re looking for something simple [SendSuite Tracking Online] seems like an answer to our prayers.” – Andrew Deaville, Inmarsat
  • “This makes my life so easy…just push a button and ‘bingo,’ all this information.” – Florida-based Beta tester in the Marketing and Advertising industry
  • “Simple – just 3 things to do [receive, edit, deliver], this is just awesome!” – Beta tester in the Entertainment industry
  • “Incredible. It updates almost instantaneously!” – Current paper-based receiving user, Scott Fox, Pinnacle Foods Group

“For some small and medium businesses, tracking important packages can be time consuming and detract employees from completing their regular work. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be,” says Christoph Stehmann, Chief Operating Officer of Digital Commerce Solutions, Pitney Bowes. “With SendSuite Tracking Online, we’re now able to offer our clients a software solution that they can sign up for and utilize instantly from the cloud, without the need for on-site training and installation, to efficiently process, track and deliver parcels. A process that once took hours now happens within a matter of minutes.”

Additional benefits of SendSuite Tracking Online include:

  • Increase in efficiency, productivity, processing speed and satisfaction
  • Decrease in status inquiries, time searching, labor costs and error rates
  • Improvement in accountability, mail security, compliance, chain of custody and parcel recipient satisfaction

SendSuite Tracking Online is a new offering within Pitney Bowes’ Global Parcel Management Solutions, which offer businesses parcel management for outbound shipping management and inbound receiving tracking solutions. Pitney Bowes’ solutions help reduce parcel shipping and receiving costs and increase efficiency and visibility for total parcel management across an organization.

Learn more about SendSuite Tracking Online and view a demo video here. You can also assess if SendSuite Tracking Online is right for your business by accessing the Costing Savings Calculator here.

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