Pitney Bowes Helps Drive Digital Transformation Through New Customer Communication Capabilities

New “Communicate” solutions encourage self-service and engagement to accelerate innovation

STAMFORD, Conn., June 22, 2016 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (PBI:NYSE), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, today introduced a new family of “Communicate” solutions, designed to help businesses take their digital transformation to the next level. The launch is the final installment of a series of end-to-end software solutions Pitney Bowes released this year that enable organizations to Identify, Locate and Communicate with customers in the physical and digital world of commerce.

Built around the EngageOne family of customer engagement solutions, the Communicate solutions feature a powerful set of digital self-service capabilities that will enable organizations to better communicate with customers and deliver more relevant and engaging interactions– every time they interact with a brand.

The Challenge: Digital Transformation

While most businesses now understand and are using technologies to simplify their business processes, few have achieved digital transformation and “the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models to more effectively engage digital customers at every touchpoint in the customer experience lifecycle.”1

According to Altimeter Group, 88 percent of businesses are undergoing digital transformation activities, but internal challenges, such as culture, resources and data often stand in the way. The good news is that those with an active digital transformation strategy are seeing benefits in customer engagement (75 percent) and customer satisfaction (63 percent), among others.1

As businesses place greater emphasis on digital transformation, they also look to incorporate technologies that promote customer self-service into the mix. This is largely due to the fact that today’s digitally empowered customers have a strong “do it yourself” mindset when it comes to how and when they interact with brands. But beyond that, forward-thinking businesses realize that customer self-service also offers a number of operational and financial advantages over traditional engagement practices.

The Solution: Communicate

The Communicate solutions from Pitney Bowes now include several new capabilities within the EngageOne family that are geared toward accelerating digital transformation in the physical and digital world of commerce. To lower the cost of entry and make the solutions accessible to organizations of all sizes and budgets, the new offerings will now be made available via the Pitney Bowes Commerce Cloud-- the only cloud providing access to solutions, analytics, and APIs across the full commerce continuum. New capabilities include:

  • EngageOne Digital Self-Service: focuses on transforming existing portals from information overload or disconnected, unusable experiences to personalized and engaging user experiences. New products like EngageOne Smart View, EngageOne Smart Bill and EngageOne Smart Pay allow customers to view and pay bills, and access their account history in real time and with the specific level of detail they require. In turn, businesses can holistically view how customers are interacting and engaging with information digitally.
  • EngageOne Video 2.0: incorporates two new products promoting digital self-service. EngageOne Video Director is a new editing tool that enables businesses to easily and cost-effectively build their own EngageOne Videos. With Director, clients can react quickly to changing market conditions to produce rich, dynamic, timely and compelling videos for interacting with customers in real-time. EngageOne Video Cloud is designed to complement the speed-to-market generated with EngageOne Video Director with automatic video deployment in cloud environments.
  • EngageOne Communication Suite 4.3: allows business users to generate real-time personalized correspondence and easily engage customers across every channel and every department through more relevant, cost-effective, relationship-building interactions. Customers can now setup and interact with EngageOne technologies through a modern and accessible browser experience to create, review and approve projects, better manage tasks and apply enhanced workflow. In today’s world of compliance, having a robust feature such as this helps organizations manage risks that come with changes to communication templates, with speed and efficiency.
  • EngageOne Digital Designer significantly decreases the time to creation and delivery of customer-facing digital communications via email, SMS, and push notification in a simple and powerful browser based user interface EngageOne Digital Delivery has been expanded to deliver documents to cloud storage providers, digital mailboxes, productivity and payment applications, and online banking providers reaching over 141 million active consumers.

The Innovation: Interactive and Personalized Video

Pitney Bowes’ Communicate solutions promote continuous innovation to create new solutions, such as a first-of-a-kind video solution, EngageOne Video, which enables clients to deliver both interactive and personalized video to end users-- in real time. The new Communicate offerings—EngageOne Video Director and EngageOne Video Cloud-- will enable EngageOne Video users and end-users to do more with the technology, whenever and wherever, through the new self-service and Cloud offerings.

“For businesses in the midst of digital transformation, interactive and personalized video helps fill the need for rich customer self-service options. At the same time, it can empower businesses to engage with customers and learn more about them in some very agreeable ways,” says Jeremy Cox, principal customer engagement analyst with Ovum. “The latest release of EngageOne Video from Pitney Bowes will help organizations deliver a richer customer experience as part of their digital transformation.”

Since Pitney Bowes launched EngageOne Video last year, it has attracted a number of clients in numerous industries including Insurance, Financial Services, Telecommunications, and more. EngageOne Video users across verticals have experienced impressive results, with some seeing as much as a 80 percent increase in sales; a better than 400 percent improvement in marketing campaign results; a seven point increase in Net Promoter Scores; and a 98 percent positive feedback from viewers.

“Clients have told us they want innovative customer engagement technologies, such as EngageOne Video, to be a core part of their digital transformation strategies,” says Greg Van den Heuvel, Chief Operations Officer of Software Solutions, Pitney Bowes. “As a company focused on powering commerce for the modern era, we will continue to deliver products and solutions to help clients – and their customers – get the most out of digital transformation.”

To learn more about Pitney Bowes’ Communicate solutions visit us online, or experience the new solutions capabilities for yourself here.

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a global technology company offering innovative products and solutions that enable commerce in the areas of customer information management, location intelligence, customer engagement, shipping and mailing, and global ecommerce. More than 1.5 million clients in approximately 100 countries around the world rely on products, solutions and services from Pitney Bowes. For additional information, visit Pitney Bowes at www.pitneybowes.com.

1 Brian Solis, The 2014 State of Digital Transformation, http://www.altimetergroup.com/2014/07/the-2014-state-of-digital-transformation/ 2014.