Pitney Bowes and Cloudera Partner to Make Digital Transformation Easier Through New Big Data Solutions

Partnership Enables Big Data Clients with Advanced GeoSpatial and Data Quality Capabilities

STAMFORD, CT., February 02, 2017 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, announced today that it has entered a partnership with Cloudera to deploy geospatial processing and data quality solutions to end users on top of Cloudera Enterprise. Clients will now have access to powerful location-based technology to enrich their Big Data investments.

Data is everything, especially in a world where consumers interact with businesses both physically and digitally. However, traditional data processing relies on hardware and on-premise deployment, which can result in tedious and costly data analysis. Cloudera has eliminated the challenges that often come with traditional infrastructures by providing a fast, easy to deploy, and secure data management and analytics platform.

“Working with Pitney Bowes allows us to deliver location-based and data quality solutions to our clients,” says Tom Pinckney, Head of Business Development at Cloudera. “Together, we will be able to digitally deliver change agents to our clients that will ultimately improve overall compliance, reduce operational costs, enhance customer intimacy, and secure competitive advantage in the market.”

Through the partnership, Pitney Bowes has certified its data quality and advanced geospatial and geo-enrichment capabilities on Cloudera Enterprise. Location-based data, in particular, plays a critical role in how businesses understand their customer because it is one of the most consistent ways to link people, places and things.

“Our partnership with Cloudera is the latest example of Pitney Bowes’ dedication to providing innovative offerings to clients so that they can realize better business outcomes,” says Doug Mazlish, Vice President, Innovation Operations and Strategic Alliances, Pitney Bowes. “Our partnership will ensure our clients unlock even more business value from their big data platforms.”

Spatially-enabled big data analytics are becoming increasingly important within multiple industry verticals including Telecommunications, Financial Services, IoT, Insurance, Retail and Adtech. By leveraging Pitney Bowes Big Data solutions, clients across these verticals will experience long-term benefits and greater business insight to aid in their digital transformation journey.

For example, Financial Services providers will be able to more accurately monitor money coming in and money going out so that they can mitigate risk, protect their organizations and clients against fraudulent activities, and to remain compliant with evolving regulations. Telecommunications providers can now identify areas for coverage improvement so that they may deliver more value to the right customer, improve customer relationships and optimize marketing analytics, and Insurance providers can rest assured that they’re providing the right amount of coverage to customers in any given area because they will have a complete view of their customer’s location and imminent dangers they may face.

In addition to data quality and geospatial capabilities, Pitney Bowes also provides big data clients with over 350 data sets to help clients better understand location in a highly contextual manner. These data sets include point of interest, demographics, business data, and more.

Through this partnership, Cloudera clients will now have the ability to not only tackle the volume, velocity and variety of big data, but they will also be able to manage the veracity of it. Currently Pitney Bowes is deploying four Cloudera Certified Technology products that will ensure clients are accessing the highest quality location data to make more accurate and successful business decisions, including Pitney Bowes Spectrum Geocoding for Big Data, Spectrum Location Intelligence for Big Data, Spectrum Data Quality for Big Data and the Spectrum Technology Platform. These offerings enable clients to work with structured and unstructured data to extract insights that can be applied for better outcomes.

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