Pitney Bowes Announces Winners of the 2017 Ship Smarter Awards

Recognizing Excellence in Inbound and Outbound Parcel Management

STAMFORD, Conn., June 15, 2017 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI), a global technology company that provides innovative products and solutions to power commerce, today announced the winners of the 2017 Ship Smarter Awards. The Pitney Bowes Ship Smarter Awards recognize businesses of all sizes that demonstrate leadership and excellence in inbound and outbound parcel management.

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“With the explosive growth of parcel shipping, organizations need to embrace new technologies and processes to connect their physical and digital worlds to help manage their inbound and outbound parcel management more effectively,” said Mark Shearer, EVP and President, Pitney Bowes Global SMB Solutions. “I would like to congratulate the winners of the 2017 Ship Smarter Awards. These companies are setting a new standard for businesses in the U.S. by optimizing their shipping and mailing to grow their business and deliver greater value to their customers. The growing volume of parcel shipping has also led to growing complexity for businesses to manage multiple carriers, optimize their inbound parcels, and meet the changing expectations of clients and business partners. From sending autographed baseballs and fine coins to ensuring students receive their cookies from home, this year’s winners are all shipping champions.”

The 2017 Ship Smarter Award Winners are:

  • Haverford College – Integrated Shipping and Receiving

Haverford College, a leading liberal arts college, receives and delivers more than 400 packages a day to its 1,250+ students and faculty across its campus, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. Haverford leverages Pitney Bowes SendSuite Tracking software to automate package handling, while also providing full accountability for parcels until they are delivered to students and faculty. Barcode readers, electronic signature capture, and tracking and reporting functions also helped the school simplify the management of inbound parcels by recording the details of each parcel, including date, time, carrier, sender and intended recipient. For outbound parcel management, Haverford uses SendSuite Live software to centrally manage all outbound shipping, eliminate carrier address correction fees, and select the right carrier for each package, based on the specific delivery need.

“SendSuite provides full visibility into our global shipping workflows and helps us optimize and streamline our operations,” said Geoff Labe, Director of Conferences, Events and Campus Center Services at Haverford. “We’ve gone from four day delays and never ending lines at our pick-up window, to an average turnaround time of less than 2 hours. SendSuite is the perfect technology complement to our physical transformation, which included redesigning our mail and package processing center and pick-up window.”

  • Wipro Limited – Inbound Parcel Management

The Main Hub Office for Wipro Limited, a leading information technology, consulting and business process services company, in East Brunswick, New Jersey, receives at least 50 "trackable" parcels each day. Wipro uses Pitney Bowes SendSuite Tracking Online inbound mail solution. This cloud-based system provides Wipro with information on the location and chain of custody of an unlimited number of inbound trackable mailings. It combines software, barcode technology and handheld devices to electronically log the date and time of receipt — bypassing the need for manual processes. Handheld devices work in tandem with SendSuite software to record each time an envelope changes hands, capturing signatures and tracking delivery from receipt by the company to the ultimate recipient. It also provides e-mail generated alert from the system notifying the recipient of package. The solution has reduced logging time by two thirds, from an hour to 20 minutes.

"Electronic logging is less time consuming for us, and it leaves less room for error," said office manager Diana Rosado. "We can now say with confidence, the package was delivered to the recipient. We have the notation of when the mail was delivered to that department. We know who signed for it."

  • Minnesota Twins – Outbound Parcel Management

The two-time Major League Baseball World Series champion Minnesota Twins send and receive more than 50,000 pieces of mail, parcels and packages a year, ranging from tickets and merchandise to even players gear. The Twins use the Pitney Bowes SendPro P3000 to save time and minimize the cost of every package sent. The SendPro software automatically applies the best rates available for USPS envelopes and packages as the envelopes and packages are processing. This is particularly useful when the Twins Community Fund sends baseballs, bats or signed photographs as in-kind donations to various local nonprofits. Because the team foots the bill for these shipments, it is important to ensure that each package is sent at the lowest possible rate.

“With the SendPro P3000, I have everything in one area, and I’m able to do everything at once,” said Josh Fallin, office services coordinator with the Twins. “With Commercial Base Pricing, we can send the same number of tickets using First Class® Package Service, and they reach their destinations in the same amount of time, for 27 percent less. For us, that adds up to savings of $20,000 a year. The Pitney Bowes products we have are top notch.”

  • UnCruise Adventures – Outbound Parcel Management

UnCruise Adventures, a small ship adventure cruise line that connects guests with nature and wildlife while exploring some of the most remote and scenic destinations on the West Coast of the Americas, ships a variety of parcels each day via Pitney Bowes SendPro. From a single letter or brochure to dozens of boxes for a tradeshow or urgent items that need to reach one of its vessels, SendPro gives UnCruise Adventures access to the best commercial rates for Priority Mail®.

“We mail and ship both B2B and B2C domestically and internationally,” said Wendy Wilford, Marketing Administrator at UnCruise Adventures. “We use SendPro to get the best commercial rate for Priority Mail® shipments.”

Pitney Bowes offers a full range of shipping and mailing solutions that streamline the sending and receiving of parcel, letters and flats, reduce the complexity and deliver cost savings, including its SendSuite line of parcel shipping and receiving solutions and SendPro family of sending solutions that combine shipping, mailing and payments on one integrated platform.

For more information on the 2017 Ship Smarter Awards and the latest shipping and receiving solutions for businesses of all sizes, please visit www.pitneybowes.com/us/ShipSmarterAwards.

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