Pitney Bowes Launches ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers in Canada

New smart lockers now available in Canada offer safety, security and convenience as parcel market grows 29 percent in 2020

STAMFORD, CT, October 19, 2021 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), a global shipping and mailing company that provides technology, logistics, and financial services, today announced the expansion of its lockers portfolio to the Canadian market with the launch of ParcelPoint™ Smart Lockers, a suite of robust, secure contactless locker solutions unique to Pitney Bowes. The Canadian launch of ParcelPoint lockers comes as the Pitney Bowes Shipping Index reports record parcel growth in Canada, with 1.6 billion parcels shipped in 2020, equating to 50 parcels per second. Canada’s increase in parcel revenue was one of the highest in the study at 29 percent, reaching $11.5 billion, up from $8.9 billion.

Ideal for organizations planning the safe reopening of offices, college campuses and government agencies, ParcelPoint smart lockers provide the confidence that every package and asset moving across a location will be delivered safely and securely. Powered by proprietary SaaS software, organizations can remotely manage a single locker or a fleet of lockers across locations, backed up with unrivalled local Pitney Bowes service, support and detailed analytics.

Building on its successful launch in the US earlier this year, the ParcelPoint Smart Locker portfolio augments existing Pitney Bowes locker technologies and utilizes a century of expertise in shipping and mailing, offering Canadian organizations a choice of smart locker solutions which best fit their requirements and budget. Express Series smart lockers provide a sophisticated, pre-configured, easy-to-use solution built to meet evolving package and mail volume demands, delivered and installed quickly and efficiently*. With SendSuite® Tracking Online - Pitney Bowes SaaS parcel tracking and processing software - already integrated into the solution, Express Series lockers simplify the end-to-end package and mail management processes.

Plus Series smart lockers are modular and scalable, perfect for organizations with more complex workflows. Plus Series lockers are individually customized to meet the unique needs of organizations with more extensive parcel workflow, asset management, or with specific space or volume requirements. They can operate standalone, without a tracking software or seamlessly integrate with SendSuite Tracking, SendSuite Tracking Online or with an organization’s existing tracking software.

Kerry Caylor, Vice President, SendTech Parcel and Locker Innovation, Pitney Bowes said, “We’re seeing ongoing demand for ParcelPoint lockers in North America so we’re delighted to be able to extend this rollout to organizations in Canada, particularly as the Canadian parcel shipping industry is showing signs of continued growth. Our Parcel Shipping Index reports an average of 42 parcels generated per person in Canada in 2020, an increase of almost 30 percent from 2019. ParcelPoint Smart Lockers make it easy for organizations to automate, streamline and digitize their parcel and mail management and deliver a user-friendly contactless pickup experience. By providing both pre-configured and customized options, we’re giving Canadian organizations the choice and flexibility to select the smart locker solution that exactly matches their requirements and the needs of the clients they serve.”

A study of 2,200 consumers in North America carried out by Morning Consult for Pitney Bowes found that one in two consumers are nervous about packages being stolen from their doorsteps and 66 percent are looking for a more secure way to receive their packages. Millennials, urban dwellers and office workers showed strong preferences for smart lockers. With 53 percent of all respondents nervous their packages will get stolen from their doorstep and 30 percent willing to pay more for delivery to a locker, the results highlight growing demand for the smart locker as a secure, convenient, contactless alternative to doorstep delivery – particularly as workers head back to the office and are unable to receive deliveries at home.

The global automated parcel locker market is expected to exceed $1.4 billion by 2027, driven by organizations looking for ways to manage the exponential growth in ecommerce and parcel volume. As they reopen safely organizations are looking to bring in new safety and security standards, with requirements to limit direct contact and minimize the time parcels are left unclaimed. Pitney Bowes ParcelPoint Smart Lockers solve these challenges, providing a streamlined digital experience, sophisticated functionality and accurate tracking, while meeting growing user expectations.

The locker solutions are ideal for organizations with centralized mail centers which manage high volumes of parcels and physical documents, tasked with their safe, secure, effective delivery. Real-time reporting and analytics ensure absolute visibility of the package’s journey throughout the process.

The State of Louisiana Office of Technology Services (OTS) is tasked with the timely and accurate delivery of mail and parcels to 120 branch state agencies and quasi-agency locations across the Capital area. Prior to the pandemic, a team consisting of six drivers and five operators hand-delivered mail to approximately 1800 delivery points across the state buildings complex. In 2020, the need to avoid direct contact and enable employees to access their mail without entering the building became a priority. Processing more than 2.5 million mail pieces every month, the OTS accelerated its transition from in-person mail delivery to smart locker technology from Pitney Bowes. OTS said, “Now, we have security, accountability and tracking. Tenants love the service and the convenience of the locker system, and we love the ease-of-use, generous screen size, quick configuration and installation.”

* Delivery and installation may take longer for organizations outside main urban areas

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