Britz-Simplot LLC is one of the largest, full service California agricultural retailer and wholesaler of fertilizers, seed and other applications. Britz-Simplot also provides precision agriculture and crop mapping services for its customers - a farming management concept based on observing and responding to soil variations make growth predictions and determine appropriate applications for each specific field. The number of Britz-Simplot customers varies year to year depending on the type of crops being treated; however, the company consistently services almost 10,000 farmers in California.
Today, modern precision agriculture uses satellite imagery, mapping and location intelligence technology to improve everything from crop strategy to the equipment, including tractors. With the help of Britz-Simplot, growers can better understand their growing potential and leverage “smart” tractors that are pre-programmed to distribute correct application amounts to each specific field based on the soil samples.
Faced with budget, environmental and compliance challenges from its customers, Britz-Simplot needed a technology partner to improve its precision agriculture business and meet the industry’s changing demands. Britz-Simplot implemented Pitney Bowes Software’s MapInfo Professional® and ProViewer™ for high-quality mapping technology that reduces customer expense and increases ROI.

In today’s world, businesses need to spend less money and use fewer resources, but still turn a higher profit. The precision agriculture market is no different as growers want to purchase and use less product (fertilizer, etc.) and still yield higher results (more healthy crops).

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