Cumberland County

Cumberland County required a centralized date warehouse to integrate its location and civil information into one easy-to-use application, enabling users to more quickly obtain detailed information on everything from business development to emergency response planning.
Supported by location intelligence technology from Pitney Bowes Business Insight, municipalities throughout Cumberland County can now share data from multiple sources across all departments quickly and efficiently via a centralized Web site.

With a population reaching more than 308,000, Cumberland County has progressed from its beginnings as a riverfront distribution center to a highly commercialized area. To better serve its citizens and the Fort Bragg and Pope air force base community with accurate and dependable information, the Cumberland County Joint Planning Department developed a community Web site to connect users to location-based information through map-enabled pages. The site was developed under the leadership of Mike Osbourn, planning coordinator for the Cumberland County E911 Joint Planning Department, and in collaboration with Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s partner, JCH GeoInfo Solutions of Durham, N.C.

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