US Department of Health

Lateral Group, a leading MSP, chose to use Portrait Campaign Manager to support a US Department of Health campaign to reduce alcoholic consumption. Portrait’s flexibility, ease of use and speed of implementation were key to delivering an automated, multi-channel campaign to engage with consumers at risk and encourage self-help. Further to a successful regional trial, a national awareness program was launched within four weeks and under budget. With automated fulfillment providing personalized responses and support, first indications are that consumers are staying in the program.

In 2009 the US Department of Health (DOH) piloted a regional program to explore whether people who were drinking at risky levels could be persuaded, through interventions, to self-regulate their intake. The pilot invited a defined segment of the population to request a booklet called “Your drinking and you”, which outlined the facts about alcohol and steps to help reduce intake. The profile of responders was compared to the profile of people who have the highest tendency to be admitted to hospital as a result of harmful drinking. Analysis clearly showed that the profile was one and the same and sign off was given to roll out a national awareness and support program.

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