FirstCare is a Texas-based health insurance company providing medical, hospital, and related comprehensive health care services to HMO subscribers and dependents within their approved service areas of Texas. With an ever-expanding customer base, FirstCare needed an efficient system of document generation and information archiving that would ensure the accuracy of member ID cards and policy documents in order to meet regulatory standards and improve customer service.

FirstCare turned to Pitney Bowes Software to implement a system taht delivers efficient document generation, excellent quality control and customer access to up-to-date digital documents. With the EngageOne Communication Suite including Vault from Pitney Bowes Software, FirstCare is now able to guarantee accuracy of member documents and provide customers with instant access to policy information via an online portal.

With 180,000 customer documents in production each year, FirstCare required a secure and efficient system for generating and archiving both digital and physical documents.

Because FirstCare offers government programs such as Medicaid, they required a document management system that could meet stringent federal healthcare requirements. Depending upon the program implemented, regulations call for strict privacy and security standards for all data, and very specific templates for ID cards, explanations of benefits, policies and other official notifications to members.

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