Soul Restaurants

In June 2011, Yum! Restaurants International, Canada and its KFC brand announced that Soul Foods Group’s affiliate Soul Restaurants Canada Inc. had taken over the management of 204 KFC restaurants in Ontario, British Columbia and Gatineau. Following the acquisition, Soul Restaurants promised and ambitious renovation initiative and customer service upgrades.
In response to customer demand, Soul Restaurants implemented delivery service at select locations. Each location now required a mapping system that could verify and pinpoint customer addresses and a data quality and address validation solution that could match them with the nearest restaurant location. The company turned to Pitney Bowes Software.

Soul Restaurants’ individual locations provide delivery services to approximately 200 customers a week. With streamlined business operations always a priority, however, Soul Restaurants needed to address issues with verifying and pinpointing customer locations. This caused confusion—particularly in customer locations where restaurant areas of service overlap. These issues also made it impossible to establish the shortest drive time between the restaurant location and the customer’s address, resulting in delayed deliveries and customer frustration.

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