Vice President, Environmental Health and Safety

As Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety for Pitney Bowes Inc., Paul Robbertz is a vital component to the company's senior leadership in critical domestic and international EH&S performance areas. Paul's responsibilities include leading EH&S direct operations, EH&S product performance and strategic planning and resource deployment. In addition, Paul is instrumental in managing company risks that affect business growth and short/long term liability. He also manages the advocacy and implementation process for new legislation regulations and emerging trends.

Paul is a member of Pitney Bowes' Corporate Social Responsibility Committee and has led the expansion and integration of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability for numerous corporations.

Paul's 27-year career in EH&S affairs spans numerous industries including paper, medical device, chemicals and Pitney Bowes' robust offering of mailstream solutions and services. Prior to joining Pitney Bowes, Paul served as Director of EH&S Audits and Compliance for Chemutra Corporation, Global EH&S Product and Operations Leader for The Dow Chemical Company and lead international regulatory compliance and legal requirements for Crompton Corporation's global businesses.

Paul is an active member of the Chief EH&S Officers Council, DMA Committee for Environmental & Social Responsibility and the Greening of the Mail Task Force. He has served on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Chemical and Technology Alliance, The Environmental Roundtable and a number of environmental consortia. Paul also represented Pitney Bowes on the Fairfield County Leadership Council in 2006.

Paul holds a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Massachusetts and a Master in Business Administration from Suffolk University in Massachusetts.

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