Digital Cement Releases a New Patient Mobilization and Adherence Marketing Solution

TORONTO, July 21, 2009 - Life Sciences organizations in need of better patient mobilization and adherence marketing solutions can benefit from a new, highly customizable, patient-centric solution provided by Digital Cement, a relationship marketing company and subsidiary of Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) “Patient mobilization" refers to the consumer action of seeking information and physician advice on specific health issues, treatments and medications. “Patient adherence" refers to how closely patients comply with physician-prescribed courses of treatment, including prescription dosage.

Digital Cement’s new solution allows life sciences organizations, including over the counter (OTC), pharmaceutical and medical device companies, to provide prospects and patients with valuable tools including self-assessment programs, physician discussion guides, and a continuous source of relevant educational material on disease prevention and treatment.

At the heart of the Digital Cement solution is a robust database that facilitates data capture during mobilization. The database builds throughout adherence activities. This capability allows the company’s Life Sciences clients to continually monitor and manage mobilization and adherence. They may then target and engage patients with customized educational content on diseases and associated risks. The database also helps companies better anticipate and meet other patient needs by providing additional information on prevention or treatment of secondary ailments commonly related to the initial disease under treatment.

“Due to the down economy, some patients are either neglecting or deviating from prescribed care. It is more important than ever for Life Sciences organizations to provide relevant educational communications to people who need it,” said Sharad Verma, president of Digital Cement. “For our clients, we deploy advanced analytical solutions with multi-channel marketing strategies to reach and engage the right people. Driving mobilization and adherence with data-driven insights leads to a rich customer experience.”

With features that include templates, registration and profile management, business rules management and email deployment, the solution allows Life Sciences marketers to provide patients with continuous personalized feedback and support. Digital Cement’s strategy, experience, design and creative, analytics, and technology experts implement highly measurable, media-agnostic marketing programming to multiple channels to help build customer engagement and loyalty.

Digital Cement is a relationship marketing company which helps leading organizations start, grow and manage sustainable customer relationships. By seamlessly integrating management consulting, measurement and analytics technology and marketing agency services, Digital Cement harvests data insights that drive desired customer behavior. Clients continuously deepen and expand their customer relationships with progressively relevant and valuable experiences.

Founded in 1997, Digital Cement’s ( expertise spans Life Sciences, Financial Services and Consumer Packaged Goods, among other industry verticals. The company has offices in the United States and Canada. For more information on Digital Cement’s life sciences solutions, please visit

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