Objectif Lune and Pitney Bowes Offer Integrated Product Suite for Transactional “Print-to-Mail” Applications

BLOOMFIELD, NJ and STAMFORD, CT, April 09, 2008 – Objectif Lune, a leader in PostScript and Windows®-based printing solutions and workflow software, and Pitney Bowes Inc., the world’s leading mailstream solutions company, announced today they are teaming up to introduce integrated print-to-mail solutions for the cut-sheet office environment.  These solutions provide document composition, variable data printing, and postal savings, with a Print-to-Mail workflow that includes email, fax, and other electronic delivery options. The printing solutions transform customer-facing, transactional documents, such as statements and invoices, into high quality, engaging transpromotional and promotional communications with no changes to the host system.  To help mailers take advantage of postal discounts, addresses are CASS™ and PAVE™ Certified prior to printing. 

The integrated product suite includes Objectif Lune’s PlanetPress® Suite with built in connectors to Pitney Bowes’ PB FIRST™ file management software, as well as a new Scan Code Utility that enables the automatic insertion of model-specific Pitney Bowes compatible bar codes and Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) for intelligent folder and inserter control.  The combined solutions also help optimize workflow for automated production. 

PlanetPress Suite enables the easy creation and printing of transactional, promotional and transpromotional documents.  The suite also offers advanced automated distribution and workflow management capabilities.  Documents created with the PlanetPress Suite can be printed, archived, emailed and/or faxed as a part of a comprehensive customer communications management solution.  Conditional text, business graphics and images can be incorporated based upon information contained within the data stream that is optimized for high speed printing. Targeted, customer specific marketing messages can also be added to cross-sell related products or services.

When combined with the PB FIRST™ software, these applications can take advantage of mail management functionality, offering tremendous cost savings on postage. The PB FIRST™ software imports address data and applies postal barcodes to mail to help ensure that each piece is deliverable. The barcodes also enable customers to qualify for postal discounts.  In addition, the PB FIRST™ software can help save money on postage by combining multiple documents for the same recipient into a single envelope.  The PB FIRST™ software also helps improve production efficiency by separately printing documents with too many pages for automated processing.

“All companies print transaction documents that end up in the mailstream, invoices and statements being good examples. Many companies do not consider mail discounts and postal automation due to perceived complexity or cost,” said Didier Gombert, President and CEO of Objectif Lune.  “This strategic relationship and the combined technology brings within reach of most companies; significant cost savings and workflow automation with a compelling ROI. Deliverable in locations supported by Pitney Bowes, print to mail is now a reality for all.”

“Today’s mailers are looking for document management solutions that can help provide enhanced data printing opportunities and greater postal savings,” said Jeff Marshall, Vice President of Customer Marketing, US Mailing for Pitney Bowes.  “Our collaboration with Objectif Lune will offer customers an integrated product suite for the cut sheet office environment that can help maximize envelope contents and marketing efforts while reducing overall postage spent.”

The combined solutions are currently available from Pitney Bowes and will be available through Objectif Lune’s Solution Providers.

About Pitney Bowes Inc.
Pitney Bowes is a mailstream technology company that helps organizations manage the flow of information, mail, documents and packages. Our 35,000 employees deliver technology, service and innovation to more than two million customers worldwide.  The company was founded in 1920 and annual revenues now total $6.1 billion. More information is available at www.pb.com.

About Objectif Lune
Objectif Lune, a leader in variable data output, first started in the variable data printing industry in 1993 by creating custom turnkey solutions.  Today, products enable all facets of transactional, transpromotional and promotional variable data output.  PlanetPress Suite, now sixth generation, is a modular approach for creating, printing and managing the distribution of transactional and transpromotional variable content documents, including business forms, to local and remote printers, email, archive and fax.  PrintShop Mail is a powerful, easy to use solution personalized printing.  Recent Partnerships with DirectSmile enable the tightest integration in the market for image personalization.  PrintShop Web enables the centralization and ordering of static, versioned and variable data document through the Web.  Objectif Lune has a worldwide presence in United States, Latin America, Germany, the United Kingdom, Benelux, Japan, Australia and France.  For more information, please visit www.objectiflune.com.

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