New Research Reveals Where Residents from New York to Seattle are Most Likely to Store their Coupons: Not "Under the Mattress", but "On the Fridge" or "In the Car"

STAMFORD, Conn., January 12, 2009 - Residents in ten of the largest U.S. cities are always searching for bargains, especially in an economic downturn. In today’s economy, coupons sent by mail are a form of financial capital that can be saved, stored and retrieved for predictable and reliable savings. But where exactly are consumers most likely to store them? It depends on their city of residence.

New research from Pitney Bowes (NYSE: PBI) and DM News confirms regional differences when it comes to stashing these free-money vouchers. A third of Miami residents and nearly half of Denver residents carry their coupons with them, either ‘in the car’ or ‘in a wallet or purse’, while 75 to 85 percent of New Yorkers – heavy users of mass transit -- are the least likely to do so.

Other residents prefer the nooks and crannies of their personal living space. Thirty-eight percent of Houstonites stash their discount deals ‘in a drawer’ while 48 percent of Chicagoans prefer ‘in a folder/organizer’, an option 70 percent of residents in Houston do not consider. Lastly, you’ll most likely find coupons ‘on the fridge’ for about a third of the residents living in Seattle, but ‘next to the computer’ in a plurality (34 %) of Los Angeles homes.

“It’s always important to keep consumer preferences in mind when mailing coupons to a select geographical region,” said Juanita James, Chief Communications and Marketing Officer, Pitney Bowes. “A personalized coupon based on information from a particular locale will not only help mailers connect better with their customers, but create an overall improved shopping experience for the recipient.”

With survey results indicating a significant increase (64%) in consumers reviewing their mail for promotional offers and discount coupons in the latter half of 2008, the finding that mail is an even more valuable form of communication in tough economic times is consistent with other industry research.

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