Opus Trust Marketing Invests in Colour Print Technology

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Dynamically customer driven, Opus Trust Marketing operates at the forefront of the UK’s transactional mail industry. Trusted as a specialist that builds robust customer and employee communication solutions, Opus Trust Marketing has continuously pursued opportunities for innovation to provide the optimum range of integrated printing, mailing and electronic services. With customers spanning industry sectors, Opus Trust Marketing helps companies enhance their business critical mail with high quality document solutions that offer flexibility, integrity and value for money.
Continuing with their drive for innovation, Opus Trust Marketing has invested in two Pitney Bowes IntelliJet™ 20 Continuous Production Inkjet Printers. Both systems will be equipped with Tecnau dynamic perforation equipment and Hunkeler winders to drive the efficiency of the solution. It is anticipated that the first unit will be in live production by the end of August 2011.
The IntelliJet 20 Printing Systems were chosen to meet the stringent colour quality demanded by Opus Trust Marketing as part of the company’s drive towards improving their clients’ communications. During extensive testing the Pitney Bowes technology, including its unique ability to use bonding agent, delivered excellent results, making the IntelliJet 20 the clear choice.
With a native resolution of 1200dpi x 600dpi the Pitney Bowes IntelliJet 20 equips Opus Trust Marketing with the technology to deliver the quality of output expected by customers.
Linda Scott, CEO, Opus Trust Marketing, states: “This investment further demonstrates our commitment to understand and respond to the requirements of our customers. Working with our clients to make their documents more effective is a real focus for us at present. Clearer communications and improved customer response is critical to them as they strive to strengthen relationships with their own customers. Clive Stringer of Pitney Bowes DMT worked hard to understand our requirements and to ensure the IntelliJet 20s are a great addition to our technology portfolio, bringing affordable colour to our customer documents.”
Jürgen Küpper, Vice President of Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies, Europe says: “The sale of these two IntelliJet 20 Printing Systems illustrates how we can confidently meet the expectations of customers who demand the highest print quality. We continue to strengthen our presence in the transactional print market both in Europe and in the USA.”
Gareth Stoten, Managing Director, Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies, UK, adds: “Pitney Bowes worked closely together with Opus Trust Marketing in order to clearly understand the specific demands of their customers. This in-depth understanding has enabled Opus Trust Marketing to deliver a class leading solution.”
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