Pitney Bowes Adds Mid-Sized Equipment to Election Solutions Portfolio

New solutions provide small and mid-sized local election offices with enhanced automation and security for outbound and inbound mail ballots

STAMFORD, Conn., August 12, 2009 - To help local election officials enhance the accuracy, security and efficiency of handling mail ballots, Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) has launched two new offerings in the ReliaVote™ family of election solutions. The announcement was made at the 25th Anniversary Election Center Conference in San Diego, California.

The ReliaVote Automated Mail Ballot Assembly solution and the ReliaVote Automated Inbound Ballot Processing solution each have a new compact footprint ideally suited for small and mid-sized local election offices.

“These two new additions to our ReliaVote Mail Balloting System bring the sophistication and integrity of our industry-leading ReliaVote mail ballot handling technology to the small and mid-sized election jurisdictions. Until now, they have been unable to benefit from the larger high-speed mail ballot automation technology we pioneered in 2002,” said Alfie Charles, Vice President of Pitney Bowes Election Solutions.

The ReliaVote Mail Balloting System gives election officials and voters assurance that the entire mail-in balloting process is monitored and managed in an end-to-end process. The Outbound system is specifically designed to get the ballots to the right voters at the right address, at the lowest cost. It offers mail ballot tracking and audit capabilities to meet public and political demands for transparency.

The ReliaVote system streamlines the process for voting administrators who today manually process each request for a ballot; prepare ballots and envelopes for mass mailing; and, verify and sort ballots returned by the voters in their jurisdictions. The ReliaVote system automates the entire process adding security and transparency.

When voters cast their vote through the mail, the ReliaVote Inbound Mail Ballot processing equipment promotes accountability with sorting and data capture equipment. In fact, equipment sensors are programmed to look for anomalies such as envelopes with two ballots, or envelopes without ballots. The ReliaVote Mail Balloting System also offers flexibility and can be adapted to future voting requirements.

The ReliaVote Automated Inbound Ballot Processing solution provides jurisdictions with the ability to validate the legitimacy of a voted mail ballot, facilitate the comparison of the voter’s signature on the ballot envelope to the signature on file with the elections office and sort the ballot envelopes into precinct order to enhance audit capabilities.

Both products provide enhanced election automation and security for mail ballot handling with a smaller physical footprint than the larger high speed versions, which have been successfully used for several election cycles in many of the nation’s largest counties. They are also designed to work with Pitney Bowes TrackMyVote™ mail ballot tracking services.

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