Pitney Bowes Selects Adobe Solutions to Help Power Personalization and Customization of Volly™ Secure Digital Delivery Service

International posts & banks will be able to customize their own branded digital delivery service based on core Volly™ consumer platform

STAMFORD, Conn. & DUSSELDORF, Germany, February 28, 2012 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) announced today that it has selected Adobe Systems Incorporated as a technology partner for the Volly™ secure digital delivery service. Adobe® Digital Marketing Suite technology will be a key component of the Volly™ system, both for the U.S. consumer launch by Pitney Bowes, and for partners who wish to customize Volly™ for their particular needs. The integrated enablement of the Volly™ secure digital delivery service will allow international posts and banks to readily create their own branded digital delivery solution. The integrated enablement will also allow for brand provisioning on the Volly™ digital delivery service, and consumers will be able to control how, when and where they receive their digital mail communications.

“As the mailstream pioneer and innovator, we are partnering with premier technology brands that excel at digital --including Adobe -- to merge these two worlds for a successful transition to the digital mailstream,” stated Chuck Cordray, president, Volly, Pitney Bowes. “Not only are we enabling businesses to build customer loyalty and profitability through highly-personalized communications, we are providing consumers with the convenience of anytime/anywhere secure access to receive, manage and respond to their correspondence through one source.”

Under the agreements, Pitney Bowes will be leveraging the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite, including Adobe® CQ, to harness the power of personalization and customization for the Volly™ digital delivery service.

With the integration of the Adobe CQ content management system, the Volly™ digital delivery service will include a plug-and-play presentation layer that allows for personalization – a critical feature for international posts and banks that are looking for a customizable white label digital delivery solution –enabling them to readily create their own branded solution. For consumers using the Volly™ digital delivery service, this benefit translates into the ability to readily access their personal Volly™ digital delivery service account where, when and how they prefer.

The online analytics capabilities of the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite will help to provide mailing and service bureau partners of the Volly™ digital delivery service with intelligent and actionable insights, helping them to make more informed business decisions regarding how to develop and identify their markets. Built on a foundation of personalization, the Volly™ secure digital delivery service will provide mailers with the ability to instantaneously deliver tailored content.

“By teaming with Adobe and leveraging our Digital Marketing solutions for the Volly digital delivery service, Pitney Bowes will provide its partners the power to personalize experiences and, ultimately, delight customers at every interaction,” said Kevin Cochrane, vice president of product strategy and solution marketing, Adobe. “The Volly system illustrates that Pitney Bowes is a forward-thinking organization that recognizes the ability to build and sustain loyalty with savvy, digitally immersed customers is a key competitive advantage.”

The Volly™ secure digital delivery service is a cloud-based digital mail communications platform that will empower consumers to receive, view, organize, and manage bills, statements, and other content from multiple providers using a single application. Volly™ is an opt-in, consumer-focused consolidation service which also includes online bill pay, and will be made available at no cost to U.S. consumers.

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