Pitney Bowes Announces Additional Strategic Alliances for Volly™ Secure Digital Delivery Service

More Than Fifty of America’s Largest Mailers Have Signed Agreements

STAMFORD, Conn., July 12, 2012 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) announced today that more than fifty of the largest mailers in the United States have now signed agreements to offer digital delivery of bills, statements, financial documents and other content to their customers through theVolly™ secure digital delivery service.

These mailers collectively represent more than 6,000 leading companies and consumer brands and more than 7 billion pieces of transactional mail per year, the company said. Volly™ launches to consumers in the United States later this year.

“I am very pleased with the progress we are making in aggregating the essential information that underpins Volly’s future success,” said Volly President Chuck Cordray. “The value proposition for any digital mailbox hinges on content: having the right bills, statements and other information, in sufficient quantity, to simplify the consumer’s daily life. We are well-positioned for Volly to become the digital mailbox of choice when it launches to consumers.”

Using the Volly™ secure digital delivery service, consumers will be able to receive, view, organize, manage, pay and store bills, statements and other content from the companies they do business with. The Volly™ service consolidates this information from multiple providers, reducing the consumer’s need to visit multiple websites or send physical checks through the mail.

About Pitney Bowes:

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