Pitney Bowes at DMA 2010: Innovate, Transform, Grow

Direct Marketers to Learn How Pitney Bowes Technologies Can Drive Customer Acquisition and Retention

STAMFORD, Conn., October 07, 2010 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) has a question for attendees of the Direct Marketing Association’s DMA 2010 trade show: Do you want to grow your business? If so, Pitney Bowes’s newest technologies and solutions can help, and they will be on display in Booth 601 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco from October 10-12. A preview of the Pitney Bowes presence at the show is available online.

“With all the changes to the global economy in the past two years, two themes have remained constant,” said Leslie Abi-Karam, a DMA board member and Pitney Bowes’s executive vice president and president, Mailing Solutions Management. “Everyone is looking for new ways to keep current customers engaged, and to find promising business prospects in the most efficient way possible. We have a growing portfolio of responses to these business needs, and we anticipate some very exciting conversations at the show.”

Color grabs attention, and Pitney Bowes has a range of solutions in the marketplace to help marketers take advantage of color’s valuable properties. These include the Connect+™ Customer Communications Series, which enables marketers to print customized color messages on the outside of the envelopes that they send to customers and prospects, increasing the likelihood that the mail piece will be opened and read. Another is the IntelliJet™ Printing System, which is the front end of an integrated Pitney Bowes print-and-mail system that can create customized color statements and documents for higher-volume mailers.

Pitney Bowes will also reveal an innovative way to profit from bills and statements as a powerful media channel. Businesses can take advantage of the high open and read rates of transactional mail pieces--upwards of 95% with 2-3 minutes read time and repeat viewings--by adding highly targeted promotional content directly to the document. The new TransPromo Portal makes it easy for marketing and operations to join forces for a formidable return on marketing investment. The portal is designed to identify inventory of “white space” that is available on the statement and “profiles” the opportunity based upon geographic location, outstanding balance, minimum payment due, and other factors. It serves as a seamless interface between the document owner and a prospective advertiser or ad agency. The result is a powerful media channel that can also help businesses offset their mailing costs as they make the most of their existing assets.

These highly personalized 100% variable data color statements can be printed on the Pitney Bowes® IntelliJet™ Printing System. To further improve response rates, mailers can add complementary relevant messages to the outside of the envelope during mailpiece assembly on Pitney Bowes high speed inserters with the new Print+ Messenger™ Color Inkjet System. These systems are all part of the integrated Pitney Bowes print-and-mail solution that can create custom, higher-value statements and documents for higher-volume mailers.

Pitney Bowes executives will also be on hand at the DMA Show, showcasing their expertise and sharing best practices based on their experience. On Sunday, Oct. 10, U.S. Mailing President Patrick Brand will lead a DMA Master Class called Acquisition and Retention Spotlight: Customer Communications Management. Pitney Bowes Marketing Vice President Dan Kohn is the keynoter at the Global Leaders’ Forum luncheon on Monday, Oct. 11, speaking about Addressing the Needs of a Changing Marketplace. National Account Executive Tom Murray is participating in a roundtable on postal optimization on Monday, Oct. 11, and a trio of Pitney Bowes experts will lead a workshop on Going Global: The Keys to a Successful Multichannel Marketing Strategy on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

About Pitney Bowes:

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