Pitney Bowes Business Insight Announces Expanded Country Coverage for Enterprise Geocoding Module

Enterprise Geocoding Module for Spectrum™ Technology Platform v6.4 Now Provides Precise Location Information for Mexico, Czech Republic and Hungary to Improve Address Accuracy

LANHAM, Md., August 24, 2010 - Pitney Bowes Business Insight today announced expanded country coverage for its industry leading Enterprise Geocoding Module. Available as part of the Pitney Bowes Spectrum™ Technology Platform v6.4, the Enterprise Geocoding Module now provides accurate location-based information for Mexico, the Czech Republic and Hungary. With this additional support, the Spectrum Technology™ Platform now offers the widest range of spatial data and international geocoding functionality for detailed location intelligence analysis and demographics assignment, which helps organizations to better serve their customers.

The Spectrum™ Technology Platform is a comprehensive, modular platform that provides organizations with enterprise-wide data quality, data integration and location intelligence. A multi-domain platform, Spectrum can enhance the quality of customer, location, financial and product data to deliver a deeper level of insight to support an organization’s master data management and business intelligence initiatives. The Enterprise Geocoding Module now provides added country support to perform address-level geocoding with greater accuracy and precision. This enables organizations to provide better service and reach customers more effectively through understanding of target markets and planning for location-based service offerings. Global enterprises can analyze data geographically by providing precision location coordinates for addresses, coupled with the powerful spatial algorithms available with Spectrum’s Location Intelligence Module.

“Location intelligence solutions enable organizations across the globe to make more informed decisions about risk exposure, new markets and competitive threats. The heart of location intelligence is accurate geocoding,” said Navin Sharma, director of global product strategy for data quality, Pitney Bowes Business Insight. “With expanded geocoding coverage, Pitney Bowes Spectrum™ Technology Platform customers can perform sophisticated address-level geocoding to enhance location analysis and drive more intelligent business decisions.”

Knowing the location of company assets relative to risk areas, such as flood zones, earthquake fault lines and other hazards, is a key aspect of risk exposure management. Accurate geocoding and analysis can save a company millions of dollars in financial risk. For example, an international re-insurance company may seek to limit its exposure by insuring fewer assets near a high risk zone such as downtown Mexico City, or it may choose to spread the risk heavily in certain areas of Mexico City. The Enterprise Geocoding Module can be used to perform more accurate geocoding and help the re-insurer make a more informed business decision. Integrated geocoding functionality within the Spectrum™ data quality solution provides a higher level of accuracy as the address data is cleaner. In the re-insurance industry, better quality of policy data lowers risk exposure, which in turn translates to better discounts and millions of dollars in savings between brokers and reinsurers.

The Enterprise Geocoding Module with expanded support for Mexico, the Czech Republic and Hungary is available now with coverage for more than 30 countries. Additional support for Argentina and Turkey will be available in September. For more information, please visit http://www.pbinsight.com/products/data-management/data-quality-and-enrichment/enterprise-location-intelligence/spectrum-enterprise-geocoding-module/.

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