Pitney Bowes Business Insight Announces New Version of Aura™

Latest Aura Update Automates Processing of Address Corrections, Reduces Volume of Returned Mail and Ensures Regulatory Compliance

LANHAM, Md., January 06, 2010 - Pitney Bowes Business Insight, the leading global provider of location and communication intelligence solutions, today announced the newest version of its Aura™ solution, which enables companies to automate the cumbersome process of correcting customer addresses while reducing costs from undeliverable mail and providing improved customer service and targeted marketing opportunities.

Currently, businesses are required to update their bulk mailing lists with correct address changes within 95 days of the mailing date. A recent survey conducted by Pitney Bowes Business Insight revealed that 54 percent of surveyed companies rely on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS®) Address Change Service (ACS™) to ensure mail is delivered to the correct address and that new addresses are updated within the companies’ systems. However, only 55 percent of the responding companies actually analyze the ACS notices, therefore missing out on key information about non-deliverables. Effective January 4, 2010, companies whose mailings are not compliant with the USPS Move Update standards, which aim to reduce the number of returned and undeliverable-as-addressed (UAA) mail, will be subject to additional postage of $0.07 per assessed piece.

The Aura solution enforces a closed loop process for enterprise address management in compliance with the USPS Move Update standards as well as regulatory standards imposed by the SEC or HIPAA. To ease the burden of regulatory compliance, the Aura solution captures information from the USPS® NCOALink® system, which aids mailers in identifying address changes before mail enters the mail stream. In addition, the Aura solution utilizes codes returned from ACS to create workflows that alert mailers to take specific actions for correcting address changes in their customer databases.

By automatically processing information from ACS and NCOALink, the Aura solution provides a powerful enterprise address management solution that translates the USPS codes, prompting mailers with actionable steps to regularly and accurately update their customer databases according to specific industry governance rules. The Aura solution can also alert users to life events that offer cross-selling opportunities, as well as early warning on undeliverable addresses on new accounts, which can help reduce fraud and improve overall customer satisfaction.

“Accurate addressing is the last mile in the customer relationship lifecycle and every company should have a data governance strategy in place for enterprise address management,” said Matthew McPartlin, global portfolio director of communications intelligence for Pitney Bowes Business Insight. “With the Aura solution, companies can ensure that their customer address data is up-to-date, reducing the overall volume of costly return mail pieces and improving customer relationships through consistent and intelligent communication.”

For more information, please visit http://www.pbinsight.com/products/mail-postal-compliance/mail-efficiency/aura1/.

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