Pitney Bowes Collaborates with Kodak to Provide Imaging and Workflow Solutions to U.S. Customers

Solutions Help Manage Critical Documents and Information for Increased Efficiency and Productivity

STAMFORD, Conn., April 28, 2009 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI) announced today it is launching imaging and workflow solutions with Kodak to help U.S. customers manage critical documents and information. The solutions provide automated end-to-end workflow functionality, including document scanning, automatic indexing, secure storage, retrieval and integration into a single, central repository. Ideal for environments including accounts payable, purchasing, order processing, receiving, human resources and legal, the Pitney Bowes Imaging and Workflow Solutions provide powerful opportunities for organizations to help increase operational efficiency, boost productivity and reduce costs.

According to Gartner, Inc., office workers produce on average 10,000 printed pages per year, of which 44 percent is avoidable and unnecessary printing, the product of user waste and inefficient workflows. Also, businesses spend one to three percent of their revenue on paper printing. However, organizations that optimize their workflows with the integration of electronic document workflows can reduce paper volumes by approximately 50 percent.*

“Paper documents are a fact of life in all organizations, but they have some disadvantages,” said Leslie Abi-Karam, executive vice president and president, mailing solutions management, Pitney Bowes. “Paper is not easily searchable, it is expensive to store and retrieve, and it is hard to associate the information on one document with the information on other documents. Through our collaboration with Kodak, our new Imaging and Workflow Solutions can help organizations solve these problems and become more productive at lower cost.”

“Kodak is proud to collaborate with Pitney Bowes on its Imaging and Workflow Solutions to help provide businesses with instant increases in productivity and return on investment,” said Don McMahan, vice president sales, document imaging, US&C, Kodak. “As an important component of the solutions, Kodak document capture products will provide Pitney Bowes’s customers with accelerated scanning capabilities and industry-leading image quality.”

The Pitney Bowes Imaging and Workflow Solutions allow customers to easily capture business critical documents electronically and house them in a central, secure repository. Organizations can also establish business rules on how to capture information and who can access it with full audit trail accountability. End-users are empowered with secure, self-service document retrieval capabilities and information ownership.

To help simplify document management processes, customers can set up business parameters to handle paper-based documents as they arrive in their organization. Documents can be scanned with key words attached to them for future document retrieval or with built-in optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which offers the ability to search all words in the document. Electronic files can be merged with other relevant electronic files into a single, central repository, offering holistic access to all pertinent information to a particular account or business situation.

With all files indexed, employees with access can utilize powerful search and retrieval capabilities to locate documents and information. The solutions enable simultaneous access to documents by anyone with Internet connectivity and approved entry. Advanced keyword search capabilities can help users find a particular piece of information in any document. The user can mark any documents with new information which stays as history with the file, while maintaining the integrity of the original file. Documents in the repository can also be turned into PDF files and sent electronically to customers and business collaborators to help expedite inquiries.

The Pitney Bowes Imaging and Workflow Solutions are easy to use and to deploy in environments with multiple departments or locations requiring access to information or a single location. In addition, the solutions can be implemented quickly and integrated seamlessly with other applications inside an organization.

As part of its comprehensive solution for customers, Pitney Bowes offers financing, including leasing options, and ongoing service support.

For additional information on the Pitney Bowes Imaging and Workflow Solutions, please visit: www.pb.com/imaging&workflowsolutions.

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*Gartner, Inc.: “Reducing Paper Consumption Will Drive Down Costs and Improve Workflows,” by Malcom John Hancock, December 22, 2008.