Pitney Bowes Expands SendSuite Live™ to Provide Cost-Saving Logistics and Payment Services for Shippers

Transportation Management Services provides up to 20 percent savings in transportation spend

STAMFORD, Conn., August 17, 2011 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) today announced enhancements to its SendSuite Live™ global logistics solution that add access to shipping payments and logistics services which can save shippers up to 20 percent of their shipping cost while greatly simplifying the carrier payment process.

“Our ability to seamlessly add access to logistics service providers offering further cost savings benefits and control is evidence of the scalability and flexibility of SendSuite Live,” said Mark A. Williams, Director, Distribution Solutions, Pitney Bowes. “These new features, in combination with flexible payment services and consolidated billing, offers parcel and freight shippers unprecedented simplicity in optimizing their shipping operation. The result is a full suite of best-in-class services like no other logistics management solution available.”

SendSuite Live’s parcel and freight service access now includes: Event Management, which provides shippers tracking for shipments from point of pickup to delivery, for all inbound and outbound freight and parcel shipments; Performance Management service offerings include enhanced rate and route management and execution; Freight Brokerage service that provides small shippers access to discounted shipping rates; and optimization services that provides larger shippers an automated process to consolidate multiple parcels to reduce costs.

Shippers can view their total transportation spend with multiple vendors in one place to better manage cash flow with the payment option. The payments service simplifies and streamlines customers’ shipping related payments by bringing their various shipping charges, such as, parcel, freight and transportation management services into one statement, eliminating the need to manage multiple invoices. In addition, shippers have the option to pay in full or over time, adding greater flexibility and control over their cash flow.

Launched in May 2011, SendSuite Live’s powerful network of carrier connections has provided shippers with extensive options to reduce inbound and outbound shipping costs and gain greater control of their shipping operation. SendSuite Live™ was developed through an agreement with Pierbridge, a software development firm specializing in supply chain processes, and customized to include the SMB market.

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