Pitney Bowes high-speed Vantage™ letter sorter brings flexibility and productivity to TNT Post

Windsor, UK, 18th April 2011: TNT Post has become the first company in Europe to install the new Vantage™ high-speed letter sorter from Pitney Bowes.
First demonstrated in September 2010 at the POST-EXPO show in Copenhagen, the Pitney Bowes® Vantage™ Sorting System provides best-in-class throughput processing at speeds up to 45,000 mailpieces per hour combined with innovative new auto-maintenance capabilities that improve read rates and limit stoppages. The Vantage™ is designed to provide the mailing industry with a modular and scalable solution that can greatly improve mail sorting efficiency. This includes the capability to equip the system with a high speed inline scale and an inline postage meter to further streamline mailing workflows.
The certified scale provides TNT Post with precise weight and price information against each mailpiece – essential for TNT Post to be able to accurately invoice its customers. Additionally, the certified inline scale of the Vantage™ allows TNT Post to reduce its required process steps. Previously, TNT Post used a separate process to divert mail based on weight and size. The Vantage™ reduces this required effort, allowing TNT Post to process mail more efficiently.
The Vantage™ solution’s high-speed indicia printer is another vital component. This enables TNT Post to print the required sequence number and simple text on mail for consolidation within the Deutsche Post network. Additionally, TNT Post can print barcodes, customer logos, sort text and other information for private post applications - at full speed.
TNT Post has been operating in the German postal market for almost ten years. The company has focused on building a nationwide network via partners, acquiring shares in several distribution companies and building up its own distribution networks in key economic areas.
Norbert Suttarp, Managing Director, TNT Post Sortier und Logistic and PostCon comments: “We are really delighted with the performance of the Vantage. Throughput speed is higher than our previous system and the solution’s extended feeder deck and transport means considerably fewer issues with jams or stoppages.”
“Our operators are also impressed with the solution’s low noise level and with the Vantage’s safety features which meet TNT Post’s own exacting standards.”
“The certified inline weighing solution of the Vantage™ really helps us to streamline our production workflow and eliminate unnecessary offline processes.”
For more information on the new high-speed Pitney Bowes Vantage™ letter sorter, please visit www.pb.com www.pitneybowes.co.uk
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