Pitney Bowes Introduces Arrival(R) Exam Tracking System for K-12 School Districts

Productivity, Accountability and Efficiency Mean No Tests Left Behind

STAMFORD, Conn., September 22, 2008 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), the worlds leading mailstream technology company, announced today that it is introducing Arrival® Exam Tracking System for K-12 school districts. The easy-to-use, automated system can help customers gain complete accountability for tracking state-mandated test booklets, reducing the risk that exam results are compromised by missing or stolen test booklets. In addition, the Arrival® Exam Tracking Systems flexibility allows schools to customize the application to meet their specific test administration requirements, which often vary by district or school.

In recent years, incidents involving security breaches with state-mandated tests, compromised integrity of test administration, and unmanaged storage and retrieval systems for test booklets have heightened concerns among school officials. As a result, many school districts are looking for solutions that can help overcome potential security challenges and also offer opportunities for greater efficiency, accountability and flexibility.

State-mandated tests are increasing nationwide and at all grade levels, so districts have the challenging task of disseminating, controlling and accounting for all of them, said Jeff Marshall, Vice President of Customer Marketing for US Mailing at Pitney Bowes. Maintaining the integrity of testing programs and complying with the federal No Child Left Behind Act are crucial, but can be costly and labor-intensive if done manually. Pitney Bowes Arrival® Exam Tracking System can help customers automate manual processes and turn tracking and reporting into an easily-managed practice that deliver tests where they need to go with true reliability and accountability.

The Arrival® Exam Tracking System can help improve efficiency and productivity, establishing a chain of custody at every step of the testing process. By automating manual processes, the Arrival® Exam Tracking System helps school districts make it easier for staff to import test data, capture signatures, print custom labels and prepare reports. The system enables school districts to know the real-time status of their exams, including who has them, where they are in the process, when they were received or released, and where they are located at any point in time. The Arrival® Exam Tracking System integrates software, cordless scanners, label printers and signature pads to eliminate counting, manual tracking and paper logs to help provide increased productivity, accountability and efficiency.

The easy-to-install Arrival® Exam Tracking System utilizes four simple steps to automate processes and obtain detailed reports on exams. First, the school district creates a record of the test booklet location in advance by simply downloading a file provided by the company that prints the tests. Next, upon arrival at the district, barcodes are scanned to verify that the specific tests have been received. When tests are disseminated to individual schools, the system prepares delivery reports and captures digital signatures to confirm receipt. Finally, for a closed-loop solution, a built-in counter tracks the return of test booklets to the test warehousing location, to ensure that no tests are left behind.

About Pitney Bowes:

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