Pitney Bowes Issues 2008 Global Corporate Responsibility Report

STAMFORD, Conn., August 17, 2009 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) today announced the release of its Corporate Responsibility Report for 2008, which provides a comprehensive summary of the company’s global citizenship practices, policies, and accomplishments.

The online report highlights the company’s successful framework for conducting business in a fair and ethical manner. It covers topics including ethics and governance, environmental initiatives, the customer experience, employee diversity and development, philanthropy and volunteerism. Data and metrics on the company’s environmental performance, workplace policies and social practices are also included.

“This report allows us to communicate to our stakeholders that, regardless of the economic climate, our commitment to corporate responsibility is firm and this commitment, ultimately, drives our success. From our ethical business practices to our dedicated and talented people, to our environmental leadership and community involvement, we have a strong understanding of what it means to be a responsible company today,” said Murray D. Martin, Chairman, President and CEO, Pitney Bowes.

The report highlights several global examples of Pitney Bowes’ community involvement activities and contributions. One example details how the company offered a web-based wildfire tracking application, free of charge, to communities where wildfires pose a significant risk to life and property. Having the system in place promises to make wildfire emergencies less costly in lives and property, while exemplifying how the company’s leadership in innovation and commitment to the values of integrity and collaboration have a positive impact on global communities. In addition, the company continues to support literacy and education programs with a focus on closing the achievement gap and preparing the workforce of tomorrow.

“Pitney Bowes understands that literacy and education, key social issues, are critical to improving the quality of life of individuals and to ensuring the economic wellbeing of communities around the world,” said Kathleen Ryan Mufson, director, Citizenship & Philanthropy, Pitney Bowes.

Other initiatives highlighted in the report include:

  • The company’s adoption of a new Supplier Code of Conduct that establishes critical benchmarks and requirements for good and ethical management practices along with a continued commitment to pursuing relationships with best-in-class diverse suppliers.
  • Actions Pitney Bowes takes to engage employees, to create a diverse and inclusive culture, and how the company supports employees through development opportunities and benefits.
  • Pitney Bowes’ leadership in driving sustainable development as a co-founder of the Eco-Patent Commons, a first-of-its-kind business effort to help the environment by pledging environmentally-beneficial patents to the public domain.
  • Environmental stewardship efforts at Pitney Bowes, such as a reduction of electricity consumption by more than 3 million kilowatt hours. This reduction is equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the electricity consumption of 299 homes for one year.

“This Corporate Responsibility Report builds on a long tradition of good governance and proud citizenship at Pitney Bowes. At the same time, it offers proof of a new level of commitment and capability as we face today’s evolving markets and escalating environmental challenges,” said Martin.

The report is available at www.pb.com/responsibility.

About Pitney Bowes:

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