Pitney Bowes Issues Corporate Responsibility Report

STAMFORD, Conn., September 10, 2012 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) issued its 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report, detailing the company’s social performance results and strategies in the broad areas of: business practice; environment; diversity and inclusion; employees; customers and suppliers; and community engagements. The report includes program details, performance metrics and case studies that explore progress that the company has made in each of these areas.

“Leading responsibly is the theme of this year’s report; it defines our commitment to strong business practices, innovation and continual improvement of our corporate responsibility programs”, said Kathleen Ryan Mufson, director, corporate citizenship & philanthropy.

The report highlights the ways Pitney Bowes and its employees work to advance their commitment to corporate responsibility by:

The report spotlights the company’s long-term philanthropic leadership in support of literacy and education, marking the 20th anniversary of its LIFE Tutoring Program, and also highlights numerous awards the company received.

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