Pitney Bowes Launches High Integrity Tabletop Inserter for High Volume Mailers

STAMFORD, Conn., November 04, 2009 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) announced today the launch of its new Pitney Bowes® Companion™ high integrity tabletop inserter, which integrates with larger Pitney Bowes console inserting systems to help existing customers achieve greater visibility and control of their high-volume mail operations.

The Pitney Bowes® Companion™ Inserting System can provide full, closed-loop job reconciliation for both small jobs and reprints that are typically processed manually or on larger Pitney Bowes console systems. Pitney Bowes Direct Connect control system currently runs on all high-speed systems including the Mailstream Productivity Series, APS Advanced Productivity Series and FPS™ Split Drive inserting systems.

“Most importantly, this new solution replaces manual workstations where envelopes were previously hand stuffed, making them more susceptible to integrity breaches,” said Clint Dally, Vice President, Product Line Management and Direct Mail Solutions. “Now, because mailpiece data from Pitney Bowes® Companion™ inserter can be integrated with our high volume systems, we can offer greater productivity as well as a window into their operations from a single data source.”

The high integrity tabletop inserter processes up to 5,400 mailpieces per hour. It can run letter and flat mail on a single platform with a highly simplified setup in between jobs. It can also read OMR and other general barcode symbology on the application. Data from the Companion inserter system can also be integrated with Pitney Bowes DFWorks® ADF Management software suite.

“Having the ability to view individual system and operator performance helps our customers better identify production bottlenecks and find new ways to improve operational workflow regardless of whether they have several inserters onsite or multi-site operations,” said Dally.

Pitney Bowes® Companion™ inserter is easy to operate with a design mirroring the company’s family of inserters. It offers a small work cell with an ergonomic layout that keeps the user on one side at all times to improve productivity and focus. To learn more about the new high-integrity tabletop inserter and how it can drive greater overall operational results, contact your Pitney Bowes representative.

About Pitney Bowes

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