Pitney Bowes Launches New Mailstream Productivity Series

Ultra High-Speed Production Mail Systems Deliver Virtually Non-stop Performance at up to 26,000 Mail Pieces Per Hour

STAMFORD, Conn., September 09, 2008 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), the worlds leading mailstream technology firm, today announced the introduction of the new Mailstream Productivity Series, a new generation of ultra high-speed production mail systems.

This new family of intelligent ultra high speed mail finishing systems takes virtually non-stop performance to a new level, running up to 26,000 mail pieces per hour with greater flexibility, and fewer stoppages and outsorts. The systems are driven by the newly designed mailstream engine featuring interchangeable friction and rotary feeders, high productivity inputs and enhanced envelope sealing. The Mailstream Productivity Series redefines performance by leveraging an 18% increase in speed with a 10% increase in reliability into a combined 28% boost in performance.

In 2000, Pitney Bowes launched the Pitney Bowes Advanced Productivity Series (APS) system which quickly became the industry standard for high speed, high integrity inserting systems. The Mailstream Productivity Series goes beyond the APS to create a new standard in ultra high speed production mailing systems. Beta tests of the new Mailstream Productivity Series have demonstrated up to a 28% increase in throughput. In addition, the ability to use both friction and rotary feeders enables customers to run an even wider range of applications without compromising on speed. The Mailstream Productivity Series is fully compatible with the Pitney Bowes industry-leading high productivity inputs, which can process up to 72,000 pages per hour, enabling processing of higher page count applications at unprecedented throughput.

Patrick Brand, President, Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies, said, Our customers are being asked to reduce costs in rapidly changing market conditions. Real costs including labor, paper, fuel and postage are increasing, while operational budgets are remaining flat or declining. The requirement to produce more mail and reduce the cost of mailing requires the use of new technologies and new processes. The Mailstream Productivity Series delivers a new level of speed, flexibility and non-stop performance that can enable high volume mailers to run more mail on fewer systems with significantly less labor.

Unlike other high-speed systems, the Mailstream Productivity Series offers a built-in upgrade path that allows mailers to increase speed and capabilities over time. Pitney Bowes offers three distinct models that all share a common platform and operating system.

With speeds of 18,000, 22,000 and 26,000 pieces per hour, the Mailstream Productivity Series offers a built-in upgrade path. This new engineering design enables companies to leverage their initial investment by adding speed and expanding capabilities to their system when business needs change.

Were making it easy for mailers to select the system thats right for todays business conditions, with the confidence that they can quickly adapt to new demands, Brand added. This helps safeguard their initial capital investment, and having a family of solutions makes it easier for our customers to standardize and streamline multi-shop operations.

The Mailstream Productivity Series is the latest innovation in a complete line of Pitney Bowes mail finishing systems. Breakthroughs in paper and envelope handling allow mailers to run a broader range of formats, paper weights and materials at higher speedswith fewer work stoppages, fewer reworks and fewer reprints. Production IntelligenceTM software provides for end-to-end control and a closed-loop reconciliation that tracks and verifies each and every mail piece throughout the document lifecycle.

Pitney Bowes customers can preview the next generation of high-speed mail inserting systems at a customers-only Open House on September 9 10 at the Pitney Bowes facility in Danbury, CT. The Mailstream Productivity Series will also be featured at this years GraphExpo event, October 26-29 in Chicago, IL.

About Pitney Bowes

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