Pitney Bowes Launches Virtual Mail Management™ Solutions To Help Businesses Reduce Costs, Drive Productivity and Cut Waste

STAMFORD, Conn., January 27, 2009 - Pitney Bowes Management Services, Inc. (PBMS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), today officially announced Pitney Bowes Virtual Mail Management™ Solutions to help businesses achieve greater efficiency, reduce mail distribution and transportation costs, enhance security, support environmental objectives and reduce work space requirements.

“Many businesses will find our Virtual Mail Management™ Solutions offering particularly beneficial during these difficult economic times,” stated Terry Doeberl, director, Business Development, PBMS.

Doeberl noted that many PBMS customers are asking for cross-enterprise strategies to cut costs, drive productivity and curtail waste. He also cited several trends impacting businesses today that can benefit from implementing Virtual Mail Management™ Solutions, including:

  • An increase in regulatory requirements associated with business documents;
  • An increase in the implementation of remote or virtual office strategies to reduce real estate costs and realize productivity gains;
  • The establishment of environmental or “green” corporate strategies to address environmental stewardship responsibilities.

“Today's enterprises require virtual real-time perspectives and in-depth transparency of their mail operations,” said Pete Basiliere, research director at technology research firm Gartner. “In a tight economy, innovations that reduce costs and increase productivity are also highly valued.”

How Pitney Bowes Virtual Mail Management™ Solutions Works

Pitney Bowes Virtual Mail Management™ Solutions help transform the mail center to facilitate a broad range of enterprise-level cost savings and benefits. This is done by:

  • Applying digital technology and infrastructure via Pitney Bowes dMail™ Digital Mail Solution and other software and network-based technologies;
  • Changing and adapting business processes and policies to drive best practices;
  • Moving services to the optimal location, either on-site or off-site;
  • Reducing and eliminating physical materials distribution.

There are five key areas in which Pitney Bowes Virtual Mail Management™ Solutions can help businesses:

  • The ability to make a physical mail center virtual can mean faster and more efficient mail delivery, enhanced business processes and improved business continuity and security;
  • With digital mail and self-service technologies, less labor is needed to sort and deliver physical mail;
  • Real estate savings can be attained through reduced square footage requirements as well as cost savings associated with the transporting and delivery of mail;
  • By digitizing and indexing correspondence, interoffice and return mail, businesses have more control over company information, which helps with regulatory compliance;
  • Organizations can reduce or eliminate the environmental and cost impact of transporting physical mail that comes into the office, including magazine and newspaper subscriptions. This also includes proper recycling and disposal practices.

Additional information regarding Pitney Bowes’ Virtual Mail Management™ Solutions is available as follows:

Pitney Bowes Management Services designs, implements and operates global solutions that provide enterprise clients with critical communication, mail and document lifecycle services that result in more effective, efficient and compliant business processes and operations.

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes Inc. is a mailstream technology company that helps organizations manage the flow of information, mail, documents and packages. Our 36,000 employees deliver technology, service and innovation to more than two million customers worldwide. The company was founded in 1920 and annual revenues now total $6.4 billion. More information is available at www.pb.com