Pitney Bowes Management Services Launches Document Processing Solutions Offering

STAMFORD, Conn., February 14, 2008 - Pitney Bowes Management Services, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE:PBI), has formally launched a document processing solutions offering that optimizes existing document processes, manages every step of the document handling operation and uses reporting tools to monitor processing activity against pre-set service level agreements.

Greg Van den Heuvel, president, Sales, Solutions & Marketing, PBMS, explained that Pitney Bowes Document Processing Solutions (DPS) was developed in response to market trends in the document management space, including the consolidation of mail, print, imaging and records; the growing magnitude of regulatory compliance; and increased digitization of inbound transactional mail, among others.

Our customers document management needs are rapidly changing as the market changes. We are seeing a growing demand for managing records in both physical and digital formats, as well as an increasing reliance on enterprise content management solutions rather than leaving document management processes to the discretion of each functional unit within an organization, Van den Heuvel stated. Pitney Bowes has been assisting customers with their inbound document processing, records management and best site issues for more than 25 years. However, with the bundled services that DPS provides, we are meeting customer demands for improved efficiency, productivity and compliance the top business drivers for document management, he added.

Pitney Bowes DPS comprises three bundles of Pitney Bowes products and services, which can be used together or interchangeably to meet specific customer needs:

  • Inbound Document Processing includes the management of incoming documents by digitization and delivery into a customers digital information infrastructure. The focus is on supporting complex, incoming business processes that require consolidation, optimization and reduced cycle time through business process consulting, technology evaluations and systematic implementation methodology.
  • Records and Information Management regulatory and compliance needs require businesses to manage the overall records process in an enforceable and detailed manner. Pitney Bowes Records and Information Management services include active records management, inactive records coordination, program design, implementation and support.
  • Best Site having the flexibility to offer on-site, near-site and off-site options helps facilitate business document processing needs, whether they are cost-related or to better serve regional offices. Both regional and national processing centers provide transactional imaging services and support for back file conversion projects.

In early customer trials, Pitney Bowes DPS has had a proven, positive impact on the document management needs of businesses. For example:

  • Several lines of business for a large insurance provider centralized their document processing support operations (previously supported by regional in-house operations), implemented best practices and standardized processing procedures that improved operating efficiency while reducing per unit costs by 30 percent.
  • By overhauling and implementing new records management processes, a major oil and gas exploration company was put in compliance with Federal, state and industry requirements for records retention. In addition, they were able to improve services for imaging, records and core retrievals, including: delivery of requested documents 36 hours faster; 50 percent time reduction in processing new files; achieved a 50 percent improvement of their well log scanning, and same-day processing of new files and re-files.
  • To assist in meeting their litigation and regulatory compliance needs, a large financial institution with facilities throughout the country needed the ability to securely produce and transport documents on very short notice for presentation to the court or government auditors. By implementing a Best Site strategy utilizing a combination of both on-site and off-site facilities, they were able to cut in half, the time it took to image and file high-profile documents in many locations throughout the U.S.

Pitney Bowes Management Services provides on-site and off-site outsourced mail, print and document management solutions to the Fortune 1000, American Legal 200 and Federal Government agencies. Pitney Bowes Inc. is a mailstream technology company that helps organizations manage the flow of information, mail, documents and packages. Our 35,000 employees deliver technology, service and innovation to more than two million customers worldwide. The company was founded in 1920 and annual revenues now total $6.1 billion. More information is available at www.pb.com.