Pitney Bowes MapInfo(R) Location Intelligence Guides La Curacao's Southwest Expansion Efforts

Hispanic Electronics Retailer Leverages Pitney Bowes MapInfo Location Intelligence Technology to Better Profile Target Customer Base and Enhance Real Estate Strategies

TROY, N.Y., December 10, 2007 - Pitney Bowes MapInfo, the leading global provider of location intelligence, today announced that La Curacao, a Los Angeles-based department store chain targeting first and second generation Latinos, relies on Pitney Bowes MapInfo location intelligence solutions to gain a richer understanding of its target customers and conduct sophisticated sales forecasting to zero in on profitable sites for new stores. With nine big box stores in Southern California and one newly opened store in Phoenix, Arizona, La Curacao is continuing to expand its presence in the Southwest with new stores in Las Vegas, Nevada.

La Curacao offers a comprehensive selection of household appliances, computers and electronics that appeal to the Hispanic community. Since La Curacao customers make the majority of their purchases on the stores own credit card, the company possesses a wealth of customer data that is used to develop innovative ways to reach its target demographic and identify the most profitable locations for new stores. Using AnySite® Online, an easy-to-use, Internet-based mapping and site reporting solution, La Curacao conducts geodemographic analysis on its customer information, which helps uncover potential new site locations and assess the profitability of future stores.

As the U.S. Hispanic community continues to grow at a rapid rate, gaining greater insight into our current customers and identifying the location of new potential customers are critical to expanding the La Curacao tradition to new markets, said Jeff Forman, manager of real estate, La Curacao. With Pitney Bowes MapInfo location intelligence solutions, we can capitalize on our wealth of customer data, enabling us to take a more strategic approach to our growth plans and uncover the optimal sites for new stores.

Pitney Bowes MapInfo supplies retail, restaurant, real estate and financial services institutions with the software, data and services they need to be more location intelligent in their real estate strategies, said Mike Hickey, president, Pitney Bowes Software. For businesses targeting a specific niche such as La Curacao, Pitney Bowes MapInfo provides the tools and expertise to analyze demographics, drive times, trade areas and other key decision variables to evaluate and prioritize new markets for a successful, profitable expansion.

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