Pitney Bowes pbSecureTM to Create Tamper-proof Documents for Wipro

Lead process innovation in human resource management
Bangalore, India, September 5, 2012…Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) today announced that their recently launched pbSecureTM evidencing platform will be used by the IT Business of Wipro Limited (NYSE-WIT) to create and authenticate secure official communication from the company for employees. As a leading Global Information Technology, Outsourcing and Consulting company, Wipro handles a high volume of HR-related employee communications. pbSecure™ provides an easy-to-deploy solution to create tamper-proof and verifiable documents related to employees and their employment information.
pbSecure™ was recently launched by Pitney Bowes for customers in the Growth Markets region, primarily throughout Asia Pacific. It is an effective, proven and customizable system that secures data at the point of origin, built on the ingenuity of Pitney Bowes patented cryptography/encryption technology.
Wipro has adopted the pbSecure™ platform to create, process and secure important employee data. “pbSecure™ is a game-changer to the employment ecosystem. In addition to improved process efficiency and time savings, one can be assured that the information contained in documents created by pbSecure™ is authentic and tamper-proof,” said Saurabh Govil, Senior Vice President - Human Resources, IT Business, Wipro Technologies.
“In this information age, every organization and its staff have to process financial accounts, data on goods and products, identities, and resumes on a daily basis. How can one ensure that the information or products received and used are authentic and tamper-proof? How do we significantly reduce or eliminate such risks?” said Mr. Eric Yves-Mahe, President of Pitney Bowes Growth Markets. He added, “Pitney Bowes has been innovating in the area of secured evidencing throughout its 90-year history. pbSecure™ is our latest fraud-prevention innovation designed to prevent and detect data tampering. Companies and businesses now have a solution to protect the community, their products, their brands and their customers.” 
“Engaging Pitney Bowes as a strategic partner for implementing the pbSecureTM technology platform will significantly help Wipro improve its process controls and risk management by ensuring data authenticity of employee credentials and prevent data tampering. Reducing the risk of fraudulent cases is critical to Wipro and our customers.” said N S Bala, Senior Vice President and Global Head – Manufacturing and Hi-Tech, Wipro Technologies. “This initiative is an important undertaking for both organizations and expands the scope of the strategic partnership between Wipro and Pitney Bowes across the solution portfolio globally”.
Developed with technology that has been advanced and perfected over 90 years, pbSecure™ is unlike other fraud-prevention solutions available in the market that focus on ‘paper’ security through the use of holograms, special inks or microprints. pbSecure™ scans, processes and secures the ‘information’ at point of creation and makes the document tamper-proof. Documents and product data secured by pbSecure™ can be verified for authenticity both in an on- or offline mode, which means the data is kept private.  
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