Pitney Bowes Receives Inaugural Leadership Award for Pioneering Innovative Health Care Initiative

Dr. Jack Mahoney Honored as Visionary for Value-Based Benefit Initiative

STAMFORD, Conn., November 13, 2007 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) today announced that the Institute for Health and Productivity Management (IHPM) recently honored the company and Dr. Jack Mahoney, strategic health care initiatives director, Pitney Bowes, for their groundbreaking leadership, culminating in the creation and establishment of the Initiative for Value-Based Benefits (IVB). The inaugural Leadership Awards were presented to Dr. Mahoney at the IHPMs annual international conference, held in Scottsdale, Arizona last month.

Pitney Bowes and Dr. Mahoneys early vision of a health care benefits program that empowers individuals to take control of their health is changing the health care industry for the better, said Sean Sullivan, president and chief executive officer, IHPM. We are pleased to bestow the inaugural Leadership Awards to these pioneering health care visionaries.

Under the leadership of Johnna Torsone, our senior vice president and chief human resources officer, our culture of health -- which includes value-based health benefits -- was created with the underlying mission of helping to influence peoples health in a positive way, said Michael J. Critelli, executive chairman, Pitney Bowes Inc. We are honored by this award for our innovative efforts to improve employee health while aggressively pursuing ways to contain escalating health costs.

Pitney Bowes follows seven rules for optimizing employee health benefits for a healthier and more productive workforce:

  • The health of the organization begins with its people;
  • To realize total value, you must understand total costs;
  • Higher costs dont always mean higher value;
  • Health begins and ends with the individual;
  • Avoid barriers to effective treatment;
  • Carrots are valued over sticks;
  • Total value demands teamwork.

Value-based benefit design is a cornerstone of our health care strategy at Pitney Bowes, explained Dr. Mahoney. Our health care benefit design is viewed as a long-term investment in the health and wellness of our employees, which has resulted in higher productivity and improved cost-efficiencies.

Dr. Mahoney serves as senior advisor of the IHPMs Initiative for Value-Based Benefits and helped establish the IVB in 2005. The IVB is dedicated to establishing the full value of employee health and maximizing its impact on business performance. It helps employers determine the total cost of employee illness for the business, identify the best opportunities to reduce illness and improve performance, and measure the success of these efforts.

About the Institute for Health and Productivity Management

The Institute for Health and Productivity Management was created in 1997 to make employee health an investment in corporate success through enhanced workplace performance. The Institute for Health & Productivity Management is a non-profit corporation created to document and promote the vital relationship of employee health to workplace productivity and, thereby, to corporate performance. The Institute's vision is to make employee health a sound business investment for corporate success.

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