Pitney Bowes Redefines High Performance For Mailers to Connect to Customers, Productivity and Growth at Graph Expo 2008

STAMFORD, Conn., October 24, 2008 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI), the worlds leading mailstream technology company, today announced an innovative lineup of high performance hardware and software solutions to be demonstrated at Graph Expo 2008. The new Mailstream 26 Productivity Series, the ultra high-speed inserting solution, will be featured running virtually non-stop at Booth 2263.

Rising costs have high-volume mailers seeking greater productivity and improved workflow in their operations, said Patrick Brand, President of Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies. At the Pitney Bowes booth, mailers can see innovative solutions designed to lower operational costs while driving greater business results. For example, our new Mailstream Productivity Series can process at speeds up to 26,000 mail pieces per hour with unmatched productivity, flexibility and uptime. The result is up to 28 percent greater throughput, which allows mailers to process more applications, in larger volumes using fewer systems, to drive down the cost per mail piece.

Attendees visiting the Pitney Bowes Booth 2263 will learn new ways to connect to customers, productivity and growth. For enterprise and third-party transaction bureaus, the Pitney Bowes Mailstream 26 Productivity Series will be integrated with a pinless High Productivity Input HPI-72C cutter and new rotary and friction feeders, processing high volumes of statements at unparalleled speed with flexibility and precision.

The new FPS Split Drive Inserting System will demonstrate inline four color process printing technology from HP and MCS. This innovative technology can print variable messages and graphics on the outside of the envelope during the high speed mail finishing process. Additionally, the FPS will feature a new Trim and Vac system with its High Productivity Input HPI-50C pinfed cutter, the Inline Feeder Folder (ILFF), a new merging input, as well as both rotary and friction feeders -- all in a compact and flexible work cell, which is ideal for processing cut sheet applications.

Attendees can see an integrated Production Intelligence demonstration of a marketing promotion application featuring VIP, VDE, FlexServer®, the new P/I Wizard and DFWorks®. This end-to-end demonstration of intelligent production simplifies job preparation, implements the Intelligent Mail® Barcode and track jobs from receipt through finishing and sortation.

For direct mailers and commercial printers, Pitney Bowes offers expansion opportunities with the FlowMaster® RS Flex with new Servo Friction Feeders and the Pitney Bowes OnePass Intelligent Card Attaching and Personalization Solution. These systems can help companies participate in higher value, higher margin applications to market to their customers.

All mailers will learn about Ecowisesm, an approach to environmentally responsible mailstream optimization. This new consulting service offers techniques and methodologies that can increase productivity and help reduce the carbon footprint of mailing operations.

Postal discounts for First Class flat mail are now attainable for even low in-house mail volumes. The EZ-Flats Sorting system will be running at the booth to show how organizations that mail between 500 and 10,000 flats can realize bundle-based discounts in just one sorting pass.

Pitney Bowes will feature its DI950 Integrated Document Printing Solution connected in-line with the new DM1100 Mailing System. With integrated printing, the DI950 can help optimize your mailstream by creating, formatting, printing, inserting and metering in one solution. Powered by IntelliLink technology, the DM1100 system for high volume productivity features Constant Connection High Speed Internet Connectivity for 24/7 access to confirmation services, electronic return receipt transactions for Certified Mail, software updates, and seamless USPS® and carrier rate updates.

Pitney Bowess AddressRight® shuttle-head and fixed-head technology-based printers will also be on display. With black-and-white and color printing capabilities, the printers allow users to print addresses, graphics, barcodes and personalized messages on a wide variety of mailing materials. Used in tandem with Pitney Bowess SmartMailer mail management software or AddressRight® Pro solution, businesses can target customers with powerful, easy-to-use software that cleanses and updates existing lists including USPS® Change of Address data while taking advantage of postal discounts.

Pitney Bowes will showcase its trackmymail.com suite of tracking and Intelligent Mail® Barcode products and services. Trackmymail.com products take the raw data that the Postal Service provides and converts it into easy-to-use Web-accessible reporting.

To help with information management, Business Manager will be on display to help with budgeting, costs allocations and consolidated reporting across an enterprise.

In addition, Pitney Bowes will highlight its financial services products, which help mailers control, manage and optimize their mailstream expenses with permit mail products and 24/7 access to funds online.

Pitney Bowes solutions will also be featured at partner booths. At the MCS Booth 1886, Pitney Bowes will showcase the FlowMaster® RS with an integrated Perfect Match read and print system. In the Kodak Booth 600, the Pitney Bowes VIP, VDE and DFWorks® solutions will transform printstream to IJPDS output format to a Versamark V-Series printer. VDE will be used for document changes. DF Works will be monitoring the high speed printing system by integrating Videks Print Verification System with Recon Manager (PVS 8400) which scans and records variable data in real time for tracking production processes. Pitney Bowes will show a connectivity solution in Videks Booth 2483 where the PVS 8400/Recon Manager will send variable print data to DFWorks in the Pitney Bowes booth.

About Pitney Bowes

Pitney Bowes is a mailstream technology company that helps organizations manage the flow of information, mail, documents and packages. Our 36,000 employees deliver technology, service and innovation to more than two million customers worldwide. The company was founded in 1920 and annual revenues now total $6.3 billion. More information is available at www.pb.com.