Revenue Cycle Partners Selects Pitney Bowes for Customized Mailing Solutions to Help Ensure HIPAA Compliance for U.S. Hospital Clients

STAMFORD, Conn., July 15, 2010 - Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) today announced that Revenue Cycle Partners (RCP), a leading business process outsource (BPO) provider for hospitals and healthcare systems nationwide, has chosen Pitney Bowes for customized mailing solutions to further deliver world-class BPO services to its hospital client base while helping to ensure the highest level of healthcare privacy compliance.

Under current law, personal medical information, including itemized statements, billing information and other protected healthcare information, must be accurately and securely mailed to its intended recipient. Historically, this is a labor-intensive process that can be susceptible to human error.

Working directly with RCP’s team of compliance and technology experts, Pitney Bowes developed a customized solution for RCP that will help them improve efficiencies and accuracy with mailing sensitive medical data to patients. This customized offering includes a Pitney Bowes tabletop inserting system and document management software that uses digital, optical and physical checks to help ensure mailing accuracy. Barcode readers and page counters scan, validate and audit each page of every document before it is securely placed in an addressed matching envelope. If the page count, packet weight, barcode or destination address of any document does not precisely match, the system will stop and a manual audit is performed by RCP.

RCP will utilize the customized solution to help provide hospitals with extremely high levels of compliance with the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH). The solution will also help RCP increase its ability to resolve patient accounts faster and more effectively while remaining fully HIPAA compliant.

“Historically, many hospitals and their business partners have been challenged by time consuming and labor intensive processes to maintain strict and rigid compliance with HIPAA regulations. When we learned about Pitney Bowes’s ability to develop customized mailing solutions for its clients, we asked to collaborate on a solution that would leverage Pitney Bowes’s best-of-breed hardware, software and technology with our knowledge of HIPAA Compliance,” said Scott Morgan, CEO and founder of Revenue Cycle Partners.

“Document management and mailing accuracy play an important role in safeguarding patient information, sending itemized statements and keeping medical records confidential,” said Shawn Uleske, vice president of customer segment marketing, U.S. Mailing for Pitney Bowes. “Pitney Bowes is delighted to be delivering a customized solution to Revenue Cycle Partners that will allow them to process a wide variety of document types and sizes on behalf of their hospital customers, while helping to ensure mailing accuracy.”

Additional key benefits of RCP’s comprehensive offering to hospitals include:

  • Mailing from RCP’s centralized, card-security-controlled facility;
  • Flexibility to dynamically set envelope, document stamps and return addresses;
  • Customizable forms and document layouts;
  • High throughput capable of mailing thousands of documents per hour;
  • Fully redundant, fault-intolerant error processing with full stop on exception; and
  • Complete audit trail of all documents mailed and errors processed.

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