'Thanks, Mom': Millions of Americans Prepare To Send Special Greetings on Mother's Day

Customized Postage a Unique Way to Show Your Love

STAMFORD, Conn., May 05, 2008 - America is a nation on the move, with more than 30 million citizens uprooting themselves every year, many of them to a new location far from their original home. It is no wonder, then, that Mothers Day is one of the most popular times of year to send a card, reconnecting families across distances too great to travel for the weekend.

New research from Pitney Bowes confirms that Mothers Day is one of Americas most popular mailing holidays, with some 30 percent of the adult population planning to send a special greeting through the mail. This places Mothers Day behind only December religious holidays (55%) as a date-specific occasion on which to send a card to a loved one. Birthdays remain the card-mailing champion, with 65% of respondents saying they use the mail to reach out on these milestone occasions.

There is something irreplaceable about a hand-written card on Mothers Day, no matter what your age, said Murray Martin, president and CEO of Pitney Bowes. My own mother is in her 90s now, and it still gives her a special pleasure to receive Mothers Day cards from me and my siblings.

The survey findings stem from a recent online poll of 1,000 American adults, commissioned by Pitney Bowes.

Interest in sending out cards to Mom is strongest among those under age 40, but fully one-fourth of Americans over 50 still send a card to their mother, a testament to the strong maternal bond as well as the great longevity of many mothers lives.

Suburban residents (31.8%) are slightly more likely to send a Mothers Day card, compared to urban dwellers (28.6%) and rural Americans (27.5%).

Regrettably for dads, Americans are not as card-happy in June when Fathers Day rolls around. According to the Pitney Bowes survey, only 19% of respondents intend to put a Fathers Day card in the mail. This differential largely holds up across all age groups and geographies.

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