The Martin Agency Improves Targeted Advertising with Pitney BowesMapInfo Location Intelligence Solutions

Leading Advertising Agency Enhances Client Service with More Effective Advertising Campaigns

TROY, N.Y., November 17, 2008 - Pitney Bowes MapInfo, the leading global provider of location intelligence, today announced that The Martin Agency, one of the largest U.S. advertising agencies, is using Pitney Bowes MapInfo solutions to more effectively target clients advertising efforts. With Pitney Bowes MapInfo location intelligence solutions, The Martin Agency uncovers the lifestyle and purchasing behaviors of its clients' best customers and uses this insight to enhance the accuracy and impact of advertising campaigns.

Ranked by Advertising Age as the number three U.S. agency brand in 2008, The Martin Agency uses Pitney Bowes MapInfo location intelligence solutions to develop more effective media plans for clients. By using the demographic and psychographic information provided by PSYTE® U.S. Advantage, Pitney Bowes MapInfos neighborhood segmentation system, the agency can paint a more accurate picture of a clients target customer, enabling it to pinpoint where and through which medium they should advertise. The agency also uses MapInfo Professional®, Pitney Bowes MapInfos flagship mapping application, to visually display the exact location of these target customers and quickly identify new markets that contain more of them. Based on this analysis, The Martin Agency can prioritize markets and better advise clients on where to direct advertising spending.

Pitney Bowes MapInfo provides us with the location intelligence solutions that enable us to become more knowledgeable about our clients, their competitors and their customers, says Warren Foster, vice president of research at The Martin Agency. The comprehensive datasets and sophisticated mapping capabilities enable us to more clearly present our research and analysis, helping clients see exactly where their sweet spot customers live and how then can maximize advertising in untapped markets. With the help of Pitney Bowes MapInfo location intelligence solutions, we can ensure that our clients are more competitive and cost-efficient with their advertising initiatives.

Pitney Bowes MapInfo solutions will also help power The Martin Agencys new data fusion service, which merges valuable MRI and Nielsen Media Research data into a single source. The new service enables The Martin Agency to identify highly defined targets and advise clients to buy television advertising in those specific markets. The Martin Agency plans to integrate the PSYTE demographic and psychographic information into the data fusion process, enabling the agency to more specifically define TV ratings for higher impact advertising campaigns.

Rather than making decisions based on old assumptions or gut feelings, Pitney Bowes MapInfo enables advertising agencies and their clients to make more strategic decisions based on reliable research and in-depth analysis, said Mike Hickey, president, Pitney Bowes Software. Pitney Bowes MapInfo location intelligence solutions help companies analyze competitive and market trends to more effectively target advertising campaigns, resulting in greater advertising return rates and cost-savings.

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