TSYS Introduces TSYS Whitespace ManagerSM With Pitney Bowes

New TransPromo solution maximizes statement white space for card issuers
COLUMBUS, Ga., March 22, 2011 TSYS (NYSE: TSS) today announced it has collaborated with Pitney Bowes Inc. (NYSE: PBI) to introduce the TSYS Whitespace Manager — a partner-managed TransPromo solution. TSYS issuing clients, as well as issuers who do not process with TSYS, can access and enjoy the benefits of this innovative solution.

TransPromo is a targeted marketing tool that allows highly relevant promotional content to be embedded within transactional customer communications, such as monthly card statements. TSYS Whitespace Manager, the new partner-managed approach to TransPromo, will allow issuers to take advantage of new revenue streams, cost reductions and minimized complexity.
Through TSYS Whitespace Manager, TSYS customers will have the ability to sell space on their statements for precisely targeted advertising. Also, advertisers will be able to buy space selectively, on just those statements whose recipients match the profiles of the people they want to reach. This is a more strategic way to use transactional statements for marketing.
“TSYS Whitespace Manager is a timely and unique solution for companies that are experiencing constrained marketing budgets, but want to generate revenue from their statements’ white space while maintaining control over the content,” said Ramesh Ratan, president, Pitney Bowes Document Messaging Technologies. “We’re finding that relevant marketing information embedded in transactional documents is an effective way to precisely market to customers in a way that not only delivers results but also helps to build stronger relationships.”
            “We are thrilled to collaborate with Pitney Bowes to offer TSYS customers this new innovative product with such powerful benefits,” said Sean Maddox, senior director of document services, TSYS. “Pitney Bowes has exceptional experience in transactional mail, geo-demographic analytics and one-to-one marketing, and together, we are creating new revenue opportunities for issuers across the globe.”

Research has shown that consumers still spend an average of two to three minutes reviewing their monthly billing statement — much longer than with other types of direct mail. TSYS Whitespace Manager brings together one-to-one marketing campaigns with advanced print technology, sophisticated data analytics and content programming, all while eliminating costs for issuers. 

About Pitney Bowes
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About TSYS
TSYS (NYSE: TSS) is reshaping a new era in digital commerce, connecting consumers, merchants, financial institutions, businesses and governments. Through unmatched customer service and industry insight, TSYS creates a better experience for buyers and sellers, supporting cross-border payments in more than 85 countries. Offering merchant payment-acceptance solutions as well as services in credit, debit, prepaid, mobile, chip, healthcare, installments, money transfer and more, TSYS makes it possible for those in the global marketplace to conduct safe and secure electronic transactions with trust and convenience.

TSYS’ headquarters are located in Columbus, Georgia, with local offices spread across the Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. TSYS provides services to more than half of the top 20 international banks.